About the Website


ch-4-450x300Marian Way of Wisdom website is for both the God-fearing and seekers who sincerely seek the truth.  For the first time since Bible began to be preached, the Good News is brought to you in its complete unadulterated form.  

To that end, please read the beginners, The Marian Way Of Wisdom (the message), The Good News And The Prophecy to the Church,  Christ the Savior and the latest addition, The Truth About the Old and the New Covenants – the ultimate revelation! 

For all who wish to understand the Gospel without the confusion that the Bible presents, the most recent article, The Beginner’s Gospel, is there to help you.  In fact, by it, understanding the very Bible will at last be made possible to one and all.  An original play titled Footprints is also added to the list for those who wish to communicate the Gospel in that fashion.

This is followed by articles on practical christian teachings, most of which churches have been either neglecting or misinterpreting.  Lies delude, and therefore give truth a chance in your life. In addition, a collection of original and inspiring poems make for healthy spiritual appetizers. 

These articles for the first time in history of modern church break myths like the blasphemous and oppressive doctrine of male superiority, passive role of women, marriage, the evil teaching of “‘rapture’ before the reign of Antichrist”, the diabolical agenda in the reformationsts’ doctrine of ‘salvation by grace’ or ‘salvation by faith’ etc. (read About the work page for explanations) and collectively serve as the perfect christian handbook.

In addition, a new series under the heading “This is why” is introduced to put to rest all doubts, misconceptions, misinterpretations and queries that are widely prevalent among the masses.

What is woman’s role in making of the Church? The answer to this is the liberating platform both for women and the Church as a whole.

The scores of misinterpretations of the Word and false teachings rampant in the Christian world owe themselves to the fact that they are either intellectually discerned or carnally interpreted.  (Besides, of course, the ones that are planted by the evil one.)   Human faculties would never suffice for the holy and lofty thoughts and ways of the Lord.  Isa 55:8-9.  The wonderful assurance these articles provide is that they are written entirely by the leading of the Holy Spirit. And, the difference is there for all to see and benefit from.  What is more, in keeping with the true nature of God’s gifts, they are given absolutely free.

Therefore, come, freely access and allow Holy Spirit to unravel all truths and liberate you from bonds of false teachings.  And, let us pursue His kingdom and His righteousness according to the perfect and pleasing will of God.  Please note, unless otherwise specified all references quoted are from NIV translation of the Bible (Australian or the former publications because unfortunately it came to my notice that the current publications of the NIV translation has been liberally tampered with!!!!  For eg. compare with the original work of Mal 2:15 as opposed to its current connivance!).

The writer and presenter of all above articles is Mercy Johnson, a servant of God.  Having heeded the life-transforming call of  Jesus Christ on September 14, 1991,  the way of the cross has been endowing her life with God’s choicest!  This service bears testimony to God’s love and grace in her life that are poured out to all who put their trust in Him.  “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” Matt 5:6.  Widow of late Evangelist Johnson Solomon, she lives with her children in India.  To learn more about the work, please visit ‘About the work’ page.

All glory and honor to God, the only true Author of His wonderful and liberating revelations!