Jesus asks, in the last days – 
Will faith on earth be found?
But today, more than yesterdays
Faith, is preached and greatly abound.
Tho’ scarce a mountain moved,
Or tree transplanted in the sea;
Faith has speedily cancers removed, 
Granted health and wiped poverty.
His Word is probed like ne’er before
And the choicest in wilderness spread –
To feed the fed of hearing queer
And claim the promises to His own addressed.
Oh! them that churches throng
Does not the Son of man see?
Them of hundreds thousands strong
Feasting out of His surplus bounty?
Oh, them of ceaseless wonders
Waving faith like magicians’s wands?
And them that glory in their numbers
Ignoring souls, His grace, His commands!
He, Who Truth has spoken
And to Whom is nothing hidden
Grieves, and looks with compassion
On them that are heavily laden!
For its faith that leads to repentance –
Love of life, this world, do forsake.
And like Him in complete obedience,
The temporal glory gladly stake.
And faith that lives on His mercy –
Pilgrims destined for greater inheritance,
Persevere by His grace given freely
And finish the race for His recompense.
And when the Son of man comes –
For surely and truly, He will;
Gather unto Him the righteous
And to lake of fire all other spill.
Therefore, let eyes open to the faith
That see the Holy Lamb of God;
Sacrificed, to our dying souls bequeath
What none can imagine or afford.