Time was set in motion
With God’s first creation.
A time of goodness,
An interlude of rest –
From seen to foreseen, 
Strove, until next.
It had its course
Of ebb and flow
Entwined in history
Of man and flaw.
The footsteps echoed –
In the corridors of time. 
Estranged at Eden,
To be united in Heaven.
Footsteps, of the beloved
Shod in Gospel,
That time nor tide
Could wear out or tear. 
Her robe of white
Brighter with wear;
Perfect in beauty
For her Husband so Fair.
The journey of time –
At its severest test,
Will break in momentum
For the one so blessed.
A comfort to each other,
In whispers of watchmen;
Heralding the Dawn
With the night of terror.
Time, with the sky
Rolls away like the scroll.
And the Beloved is met
By the Husband of old.
Honored at His right Hand
Out of time’s fixed borders
With rejoicing and singing
The Bride is led forth –
Into her chamber
Of timelessness.