The male of man
Was lonely indeed,
Though all creatures
To him did heed.
Teeming with life
Before him came
Led by the Father
For him to name.
Work was easy,
Swiftly accomplished.
But joy, short-lived,
was soon eclipsed.
God set to create
And put aright 
What He foreknew
Of the man’s plight.
Not from dust
But out of his rib
That time helped set
Until time to rebuild.
The last of creations
The perfect companion
In man beheld
To be called woman.
Female from male
So woman she is –
In flesh and bone,
All similarities.
Joy restored, now
‘Very Good’, He’d say
Before dusk fell
On the sixth day.
The best of creations,
Made in His likeness,
Was world’s first man
Symbol of dominance!
Tho’ now multiplied,
One, He’d see them
So male and female
By Him named Adam.
What He thus joined
Let none put asunder
Was His command
Which got no further.
First the fallen man
Fell apart to blame.
And then Eve
Estranged by name!
Like cats and dogs
All species owned;
In man’s domain tho’
Is woman disowned.
God’s time is set
With Him to unite
Man as one
Of Perfect Insight.
O pity thy folly
The time draws nigh!
Estranged who remain
Estranged you die!!