(dedicated to all parents who pray their young ones will move on to find the True Friend)
I took a walk once,
Up the friendship street,
Hands in pocket,
My gait, of dancing feet.
 ‘Whistled a merry tune
Of light-hearted muse.
Houses waved friendly arms
With warm welcome smiles.
Draperies danced with the breeze;
The porches opened wide.
Cosy gardens beckoned too
Bobbing up on flowery heads.
Waving back with a smile,
I swung o’er the fences
And stopped for racy chats.
And at every stop
It was the same – 
Our smiles fell out of sync,
When we opened our hearts.
The draperies stilled and stared
The porches narrowed
And flowers ducked
Their pretty bobbing heads.
The pavement stones
Went grey and cold
I took my leave and 
Hastened up the road.
My mood was upbeat
For I still lingered on
The friendship street.
Often a house would 
Beckon me in,
To warm soups of sympathy
And quiet tucking-ins.
Daybreak bared their faces
Of lines from over trying.
Our eyes wouldn’t meet.
I hurried along friendship street.
The trees were shady
The fruit-laden boughs inviting
The clouds looked
White and close
Promising rides
To all who chose.
There were passers-by
On well-worn shoes
With a cake or pie
Or armload of  truce.
At all in passing, I merely gazed
For to me they were foreign-faced.
The tune I whistled,
Had, by now turned heavy;
It took me an effort
To keep it steady.
And just as I thought
It was the end of the street
I found a quaint house
Of no significant treat.
And there I found a face
Of the most pleasant kind
Waiting as it were 
For one to come by.
Such hope that sparkled the eye!
Such joy for beholding me by!
Such warmth that opened the heart
Unto itself and the house behind!
The table was set,
And we took our places.
Our conversation flew
From one thing to another –
As if on cue.
Dusk had fallen.
But I had no doubt
I had come to rest 
In a house I found
On friendship street.