Your eyes that smiled
Now have a glint,
Your face that spoke
Now is sealed.
Called to fly
To dust you sink,
In dust you roll
And soil your mink.
Your face of grace
A marred space,
Dark and void
To me replaced.
To my despair
You look on,
From where you stand
From my bosom torn.
Our tears were one
But now flows,
In streams separate
Two of source.
War of words
War of deeds
None victorious
So they cease.
Withered I
Before eyes condemning,
Of scarce good
Angel unbecoming!
Your ears shut
On heart hardened
My eyes beseeching
Yours defiant.
To stoop to pick
I did presume
My fallen angel
From certain doom.
Reached out did I
From pedestal high
‘Lord, pick me up!’
Instead, did I cry.