[My children inspired me to write Our Home I and Our Home II.  And I am happy to dedicate them to all the little children of this world.  For only children know how best to translate the joy and wonderment in all God’s creations. And, in their quaint ways help us adults to enjoy afresh what we had unwittingly begun to take for granted!] 
Our Home – I
Often I’d wanted to share –
Of nature in daylight’s glare,
Of  species in happy residence
Within my garden’s distance.
Of birds that come to delight
Or those in hasty flight,
To seasons of fruits beckoned
Their faces easily reckoned.
And having had feasted
To see them in ground assembled,
From wings to dainty feet
Quaint marvels in their feat.
Those of lil’ winged variety
And of gay colored beauty –
Of day long drone and buzz,
Industrious, on flowers fuss.
All of equal right and share –
Their nests, their homes, declare!
In His merciful tenancy
Is this place to them and me.
Most are kind and let us be.
Some are teachers just like me.
For in weeds as I detect
By a quick sting they inject
When homes uprooted by neglect
Darker motives they suspect.
And these of lower altitudes
In a green world of multitudes
New shapes and sheen display
Teeny workers in their fray.
Those that from above intrude –
With scary looks and manners rude,
When hearken not to my reproof
I chase them to their homes in roof.
Yet of them that come defiant –
Mercilessly, I end the fiend.
Those of rodent variety –
Bushy tailed and striped beauty,
Tho’ not of winged feature
With birds, a fellow creature.
For they nest on lofty treetops.
Squirrels they are, of noisy chirrups!
Little thieves with darting eyes,
Ever in hurry, as quick as mice.
A treat to watch from stealthy corners
Climbing about and scattering litters.
With these, now lemme conclude,
To pen on others as I brood.
To bring to you tales anew
Of snakes and mongoose and cats that mew!