Our Home – II
In this land of tropical kind
Riches of flora and fauna combined,
Creations of Divine artistry
Woven in resplendent tapestry,
Encounters with some have I told
With promises of new ones to unfold.
Since of old is land assigned.
Once a garden for Adam to mind,
Now, food and fodder for us to fend
While floral tributes in gardens blend.
To nature’s table all are drawn –
The hungry, the nesting and the Felon.
Once smitten are always shy.
Hence cold welcome to slitherers sly.
Habits die hard, and still they come
To oust us from reveries calm.
Employing ways and ploys uncanny
In hues of yellow, brown and ebony.
Like missiles dropped thro’ ceilings,
Or crossing paths and walls-a-scaling.
Some are shooed and some are killed
Some by fear backward willed.
Making sport of blood and gore,
Enter their enemy of animal lore
Bringing respite to our watchful eyes
Striking terror as mongoose’s vice.
Welcome relief enjoins adventure!
Tracking their moves with repressed pleasure
While in ranks they steal past,
Fear of man prodding them fast.
Sweet lessons of parenting.
Crows and mongoose in young ones’ caring.
Gleeful sights from kitchen window,
Feeding, guiding; moving to and fro.
Those that crawl on feet multiple
With stings that both hurt and tickle,
By His mercy assigned to fate,
Before in us, breed seeds of hate.
On mulberry tree of the famed bush
In fruitful abundance by season’s push,
Reigns the loner of speckled wing,
Endowed to scare with looks challenging.
Guavas, cheekoos, custard apples,
Berries, various and in surplus,
On all is asserted winged authority,
Leaving us to feed on their mercy.
Cats are frequent visitors too,
More frequent than you’d like them to.
Cracking nights with cries irritating,
Loath to rid of litter resulting.
The roof for them a place to carouse,
With mates in play or rats to chase.
Blackened eyes from sleepless nights
Avow extinction at first sights!
Nay such luck for they multiply.
All of nocturnal that come by.
Each for space and life with us vie –
Resigning us to fates that sigh.
To our abode is this homage –
Sheltering all of skin and plumage,
By shaky roof of sheets that tilt,
And tiles or shrubs or trees or silt.
Smoothened floors from overuse,
Cracked in places or suffused,
By ants or termites as they choose,
For their need, their freedom abuse.