[This is the story of Israel.  The story of how Israel came to be born and formed in the hands of the Living God.  Also, this is the testimony of all God’s children –  the Spiritual and the truly Born-again Israel waiting to be revealed!

Therefore, I dedicate this to all godly parents who grieve for their children who have gone astray, praying that their spiritual reconciliation and Homecoming won’t delay the Coming of the Lord.]

O Jacob! O Jacob!
My precious son,
Whom have you
So dreaded and feared
That you’ve been false to Me?
You forsook Me.
You did not stop to ponder
My deeds of the past –
My wonderful deeds of the past to you!
Now, you say I’ve been silent
And indeed I have.
But is that why you chose not to fear Me?
For you cannot deny 
You were as aware of My silence
As of My faithful and abiding presence!
If only you’d turn your face to Me
And not your back;
If only you’d be still
I’d indeed speak! 
When have I ever deserted you?
Or when was I ever unfaithful? 
Since of old
I have carried you and borne all your burdens.
I forbade the enemy to come near you
As you struggled back in your mother’s womb.
And when you were born
You were glad to acknowledge Me
To live by My light
And to be the light yourself.

See, I have engraved you in My palm.
I chose you, even before you were created.
Though in your own house 
You were the less favored one,
Still, as the offspring of the chosen bone
You were trained in your Calling;
‘Taught to steer away from the wayward,
And honed to be zealous for My Name.
Though you were just a mite
I blessed you over your brethren
I endowed you with the heart of lion
And with the soaring wings of the eagle.
I anointed your lips,
And you spoke with grace
Believing the Truth
Not a falsehood in your heart.
How the heavens rejoiced over you!
The sun and the moon –
They bowed down before you.
The starry hosts
Glittered your paths
Even when you laid down
To rest, out in the wilderness
In the open, barren lands.
Then, suddenly, everything changed!
Sin was found in you
And fear gripped your heart!
You began to flee –
As if in fear of the enemy
Who’d of course reappeared
With all his forces of the air!
At first you told yourself
You were fleeing from him.
Though in fact
You’d just left Me, and flee from Me you did.
If only you’d remembered
It was not for you
But for the devil, to flee.
But you did not!
He stripped you bare,
Stole your heart,
Cut off your wings
And then let you go.
You ran so fast –
You were blinded by the wind.
You didn’t see the chains dropped
Until he had you roped in.
I stayed on, but in silence.
For you were determined
To ignore My presence.
‘Watched you barter away My glory,
Willingly submitting
Telling yourself –
It was only temporary!
But, before you knew it
The yokes got heavy.
And just when you thought
You had it made,
You were forced to slave another term.
Now used to –
Darkness that surrounded you;
Your vision dimmed
You felt no difference!
The sun would only hurt your eyes
The moon you did not desire.
But by the flares inside your dungeon
You looked upon his daughters.
You pitched your tents wide
Made room for all who’d enter
And labored until you’d made your claim.
Your wealth increased – the herds,
The wives, the slaves and the children.
You thought –
You’d beaten your master at his game.
Until, you saw his sons grow envious!
At last your eyes were opened.
‘Saw the mask drop and the devil exposed.
Tho’ now the daughters were on your side,
The dearest one most secured,
She’d betray you by her idols
And herself be removed!
Caught between the devil and deep sea
You had no place to run.
Then, you looked up to find Me
Took shelter under My wings.
Now, you were ready to listen
So I ordered you to return.
And when the enemies did pursue
I forbade them from harming you.
They wept on your shoulders.
They wept at your feet.
For they saw better than yourself
How My hand was raised for you!
For I bared My arm before them
And worked salvation for you –
Cured you of your wanderings,
Removed your rebellious bone,
Healed you of your blindness
You saw your enemies gone.
Peace had dawned upon you,
You gladly buried your idols.
Once again I blessed you –
Gave you a piece of My heart
That you in turn
May grieve for your sons.
I filled you with My wisdom
So you may impart it to them
And teach them to fly –
The flight of freedom
And of pure, unsurpassed joy.
I settled you back in your Father’s house
With everlasting love – renamed you Israel!
O Jacob! O Jacob!
Whom I have created –
Your sons were born in captivity
And in spite of yourself
To captivity they’d return
When sin that blinded you
Would also dim their vision.
Until, like you, when they’d find Me
They’d be cured of their rebellious bones.
O Israel! O Israel!
Whom I have reformed –
Since ancient times
None has known any God besides Me,
Who acts on behalf of those who wait for Him.
Your tears are ever before Me
I’ll receive your penitent ones.
I’ll lead them by the hand
Until, they join you in your Father’s house
And like you are renamed Israel!

“As for Me, this is My covenant with them”, says the Lord.  “My Spirit who is on you and My words that I have put in your mouth will not depart from your mouth, or from the mouths of your children, or from the mouths of their descendants from this time on and forever.”  says the Lord.  (Isa 59:21)  Amen!