Spiritual Reflections

Love is constant as God is
Because true love comes from God.
 Spread the Gospel of God’s Love
        For Love denied is life lost!
    A true Christian is a true Convert.
     How can one deny God
        Is beyond reckoning
        One is so dependent
        Its one’s very life one denies! 
        And to deny the Trinity of God
        Is like denying one’s own self
        The triune identity of oneself
        One partakes of with one’s Maker!     
   Those that seek God’s will
        Should first in themselves obedience instill.
    The greatest of all human tragedies is hopelessness
        As long as one has hope one will triumph through perseverance.
     All virtues come from God
        So learn them only at His feet.
     Only Truth can survive in a bed of lies
         Lies – they first multiply and then degenerate.
      External beauty is skin deep –
         It begins and ends with flawlessness. 
         Internal beauty is soul deep –
         It begins and ends with an unblemished conscience. 
         (Therefore, be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.)
   When we judge we forget
           On ourselves we invite judgment! 
          (Judge as in discern is the Spiritual way and not judge as in passing/executing judgment.)
   Unbeknown to many, in God’s vocabulary, words such as
          Man, elder, priest, virgin, apostle, angel, prophet, servant, son etc.,
          They are not gender-biased. 
          And unbeknown to many, in God’s wardrobe
          There is only one suitable garb for all
          The Robe of Righteousness
          Which again is not gender-biased.
     The wicked invent new ways
           To multiply God’s wrath upon themselves
           But the foolish, in the  same old method,
           By taking God’s Holy Name in vain.
     People by nature seek anything but Truth:
          For the sensual, the sensuous;
          For the intellectual, the profound;
          For the philosophical, the complexity of words;
          For the religious, the supernatural;  
          And for the base, the human excesses. 
          Only they that are Spirit-led seek Truth
          And are satisfied  just as was promised.
   Lies attract but delude
         Flattery appeals but corrupts
         Sin tempts but enslaves and
         Death lures but destroys.
    God is a Friend to all who serve Him faithfully
          For He opens His heart and reveals His deepest secrets to them.
     The abandoned egg of an ostrich
          Does not see the saving Hand of God
          Until it springs to life and
          Thrives on the very sands of its neglect.
    Bonding in the family
          Ought to be like scaffolding
          It should not only support
          But also let grow.
   The trusting are like little children
          Who give one a glimpse of heaven. 
          To mar or destroy the trusting is
          To mar or destroy heaven on earth.
(Matt 18:3-4 & 7)
     Rejection is a prowler
           Who if invades you in the safety of your home
           Will find you at every turn and corner
           All the way to your tomb.
    There is nothing poetic or beauteous
            Nothing spiritual or splendorous
           In a woman contemptuous and bereft
           Of all things virtuous.
     It would have been easier for me
           To denounce God
           But for His angels in all shapes
           Attending to my needs and scrapes.
   In Christ
          One is transformed from
          Believers in God to
          Be ‘livers’ in God.
     The greatest blasphemy is
           Calling Christianity a religion. 
           Religion is man seeking God
           Christianity is God seeking man. 
           What better way is man exposed
           Than when he pretends to find God
           And not turn to Him who Alone
           May show Him the Way to His abode!
    Do not desire the pinnacles of this world
          Which are nothing
          But sacrilegious mounts of Satan. 
          Once there
          You’ll be on your own with the devil
          Ready to fling you down. 
          The higher the pinnacle
          The greater the fall!
    There’s growth in Christianity
           Seldom attained
           Though the water-mark is preset
           And all aid to be had on board.
     What can this world want of me? 
           For I boast no success story.
           Mine is an epic of survival
           Beset in its tragedies.
           Yet I seek to leave behind
           A legacy
           Worth its weight in gold
           Refined and made pure
           In the Goldsmith’s fire!
     I have heard
           Being poor is an Attitude
           Little wonder then
           Being rich has is my Fortitude.
           (Rev 2:9a)
     Man’s world
             Is the woman’s WOE.
     Man is ever shadowed
            By the ‘accuser’
           Every thought, word and deed
           Comes back
           In interpretations varied
           To be judged and
           To be accounted for!
           He is a diligent pursuer
           The enemy
           More diligent than any
           Christian could be.
           He’d pursue them
           Even in Heaven if he could
           And demand their expulsion
           If it weren’t for God’s faithfulness
           Made known through Christ and his angels!
     In Christ
     One is secure
            Beyond the reach of all
         For this is how
            He liberates one’s soul.
       We will not understand True Love
            Unless by His Love
            Our obstinate but merry hearts of stone
            Are transformed into
            The obedient and grieving hearts of flesh.
      The most misused words in the world
              Are God and Love.
              Both most Holy. 
              So let us beware! 
              For misusing the former
              Is blasphemy
              And the latter, a great folly.
      All about me
             I find people playing gods
            Judging and teaching me painful lessons.
            Wiping away my smiles
            Overlaying my stooping back
            And daring me to raise my head
            While they teach me
             In addition, humility!
     Confront death everyday
           For it is everywhere. 
           Be at peace with it
           Lest it takes you by surprise.
(Ps 90:12)
      Humility is not
           Exalting oneself in pretenses of humble clothing
           And soft and sweet mumblings. 
           Humility is
           Looking up to God and God alone. 
           The more one finds Him exalted,
           The more one finds oneself lowly and humbled.
(Zeph 3:12-13)
      To be born as I am
            Into a family as I have
            It is a challenge
            Both to survival and womanhood!
      There’s no parallel or equal
              No scale on which you may balance
             The wickedness that stems from one’s own.
     There are gods and goddesses,
           Just as there is one true God. 
           The former are those who hold you in a sway,
           God is the One who shows you The Way.
     A foolish woman is a disgrace to her generation and to the generation to come!
      Salvation is:
          The beast in man transforming to be the best in man.
     Serving God and serving man
           Are two different things.
           A Christian ought not to
           Confuse betwixt the two.
           For only he that serves God
           Truly serves man
           And it is never the other way round.
    If one is not firm on God’s Word
           One cannot hope to be firm with the devil.
     Spiritual life in this world
           Borders not on wants
           But on needs.
     The trinity of fallen man
           For those who do not understand is this
           Body – the now visible self with a name
           Soul – the invisible self with the blame
           And spirit of life – as temporal as a game.
           Man, O man, how contrary!
           So in disharmony
           With self as with God!
           How long will you reject His Hand,
           Deny yourself the perfection He has planned?
     The intervention in God’s creation
           In the form of Judgment
           Came to be for Satan
           And his band of rebelling angels.
           The conclusion in God’s creation
           In the form of Sabbath
           Came to be for man –
          The Rest of God, His redeemed and His angels.
     The Christian world is what it is today
           Because it has less of sheep
           But more of wolves in sheep’s clothing.
           The only hope for the surviving sheep
           Is to get out while they can
           And avoid the fate that awaits the wolves
           For which they are being rounded up as one.
    You are not even man
            If you have rejected your God.
But merely a beast-
The two-legged and hair-crowned sod.
      The hypocrisy of men is notoriously obvious
            In their “pro-virginity” stand
            For though it is within their power to honor it
            Themselves dishonor – come marriage! come rape!
            As if it is not enough to expose them
            They take their pretensions one step further –
            In God’s Holy Name
            To punish the women
            For crimes only they can commit!
    All that glitters is not gold
            Likewise, all ‘virtues’ not of God.
     The ‘Virginity of the Soul’ is not the same as
           The ‘Virginity of the Flesh’.
           Neither is it gender-biased.
           While the latter is destroyed by man
           The stigma no more permanent than the flesh
           The former is sealed by God
           Its glory as permanent as the souls of men and women.
          Man is so arrogant!
           He will dare to equal
           with the Son of God
           but will not let equal
           his fellow-man.
    One has not begun  to pronounce the infallible Gospel
            If one has not begun to denounce the fallible man.
      The Son is the Heir
            Not because of flesh
            But because of His Word.
            One who does not have His Word
            Does not have the ‘sonship’;
            And one who does not retain His Word
            Cannot hope to retain the ‘sonship’.
     Come of age, did you say?
              Think again and be very very certain.
              For you are
              What you consciously become.
              Not for want of choice or knowledge
              Or misguided by ill-advice or
              Pushed around by your circumstance.
              But having overcome your belying background
              And furnished yourself with all the choices
              You consciously decide and account for all your actions.
      Women and Marriage
              To some, marriage is
             A RUDE AWAKENING
             And to others, it is
             A charmingly engraved tombstone.
     The Gospel without the Sabbath
             is like the ‘godly’ without the eternity.
The runaways of God run swift and bold
Away from strangers of stranger tongue
Away from every tightening hold
Till in Master’s Voice its rest is won.


Truth is not what one is born into
But, Truth is what one seeks
Of one’s volition and with one’s whole being
From the Only One Who is the Source of It.
Atheism is nothing but Godlessness
Named differently
To lure men and women
Away from their God. 
Religions are man’s VIOLATIONS of the Truth.
Every VIOLATION makes known its Religion
By characteristic manifestations unique to itself. 
For, while the Way of The Truth is Invincible and One,
The ways of man are self-destructive and too many
That make known his brash Godlessness
Unleashed everywhere by his wicked dominion.
Paganism:  ATHEISM (APEISM) crowned with RITUALISM!
Truth has no religion, 
It is Universal and Unchanging.
The Infallible Words
and the Irrefutable Deeds of God
Bear testament to the Indomitable Truth
Of His Invincible Existence. 
The Godly are not born 
They are Born Again
By God’s Holy and Eternal
Spirit, Word and Blood.
Religion is manifestation
Of rebellious legions of evil spirits in man
Seeking nothing but the UNMERITED glory and
UNHOLY service of his UNWORTHY self –
All in the holy Name of God!!!
It is one thing to claim to know God;
And quite another to be
Known by God –
The sifting Hand of God
That separates the liars
From those His very own.

(to be continued)