Introduction:   This is a collection of words that have quite the different meaning in spiritual context.  I have chosen a few that are most commonly misinterpreted and hope to bring to light their true meaning and make the scripture transparent and easily understood.   It will be well to revert to it time and again because I am sure I’ll be adding to it as I grow in increasing awareness.


Adultery:  unfaithfulness towards God.

Altar of earth:  this world or the earth which served as the  prophesied altar where Jesus Christ,  the Son of God, was sacrificed for the remission of our sins.  Also, as His holy sanctuaries it is the prophesied calling of His people to be His temples in their earthly robe of flesh – which as we know is of dust and returns to dust just as it is written.


Babylon:   the end-time churches or nation of the unfaithful.

Balaam:  symbol of false male prophets.

Barren woman:  the spiritual nation or a spiritual woman whose aspiration is children of the Spirit and not of the flesh.

Beast:  evil man.

Beauty or majesty:  His holiness. 

Branding:  unchaste, unholy or with the mark of the beast.

Bread and wine or drink of the fruit of vine:  symbolic of Lord’s vicarious death.

Brother:  fellow child of God irrespective of gender.

Bruised reed:   dying soul of a sinner, symbolizing the terminating point before the fate-determining end; also a penitent sinner.


one’s Cross:  one’s divine calling.

Cup:  suffering of Christ.


Darkness:  abode of evil.

Daughter of Zion or Daughter of Jerusalem:  the spiritual Israel or the collective body of God’s people.

Desolate woman:  one without the Husband, Babylon.

Dog:  a backsliding man who returns to his sinful life.

Double-edged sword:  God’s Word that will judge the world.

Dragon or the ancient serpent:  Satan or the devil, also known as Lucifer.

Day of the Lord:  That Sabbath Day of His Second Coming.


Expensive Perfume:   that divine part of Mary’s perfect worship which is symbolic of the most holy fragrance of His holiness, His righteousness that one ought to offer along with the fruit of one’s lips which is praises and thanksgiving.


Flock:  the Church in relation to the Lord as the Shepherd. 

Friend:  One who opens His heart and confides in you for your edification and glory.


Goats:  rebellious and willful people or the wicked. 

Grace:  the anointing or the repertoire of God’s Word.


Harvest:  death.

Head vs tail:  faithful servants of God vs prophets who teach lies.

Hills and mountains:  all places of worship as opposed to or against the Mountain of God.  Like the tower of Babel of old.

House on rock:  a spiritual life founded on God’s Word.

House on sand:  a spiritual life that ignores God’s Word.

Humility:  the divine virtue by which one seeks God and God alone, willingly submitting to Him and His supreme will, all the while patiently waiting for His deliverance.

Husband:  Redeemer.


Idolatry:  man’s divided allegiance with God.

Israel:  nation of God, both in physical and spiritual context.


Jezebel:  symbol of false female prophetesses or evil women with unchaste spirits.


Lamp:  one’s spiritual life or zeal when referred to in context of keeping one’s lamp burning.  It also means the Word or Counsel of God.

Lamp-stand:  Church.

Lord’s Day:  the Sabbath, as He is the Lord of the Sabbath.

Love:  nature of God.


Man:  God given name for both male and female.

Majesty or Beauty:  His holiness.

Marred pottery:  denotes the sinful state of man’s life or the fallen man; therefore it also depicts this world, mankind in general and the physical house of Israel in particular.

Mount Zion:  the holy and now invisible mountain of God, the one and eternal place of true worship.

Myrtles and Pines:  to describe the majestic beauty of the righteous as opposed to thorns and briers, the wicked.


New Jerusalem:  the heavenly City of God.


Oaks of righteousness:  enduring saints of God; also the wise and faithful servants of God.

Oil:  the fervent zeal of the Spirit or the continuous infilling of the Spirit.

Olive shoots:  spiritual children who are an honor to God’s household.

Olives, figs, pomegranates and fruits of the vine:  to describe the rich and superior fruitfulness of the Spirit in man.

Ostrich:  symbolic of one who abandons her children; heartless.


Pangs of child birth:  physical manifestation of the spiritual anguish for God’s people; also symbolic of the turbulent physical manifestations of all creations that would precede their regeneration at the Coming of the Kingdom of God.

Pastures:  nourishment for the soul.

Pillars:  righteous daughters of God.

Potter:  Creator and Re-Creator God in relation with His people as clay and as marred pottery respectively.


Reed:  sinner

Repairer of broken walls:  faithful servants of God who work to rebuild ruined lives.

Restorer of streets with dwellings:  faithful servants of God who lead many souls to life.


Sabbath:  the seventh day rest to the Lord.

Seed or Good Seed:  The Gospel or Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Seven eyes, seven pillars, seven lamps or seven Spirits:  seven characteristics of the Holy Spirit.

Sheep:  a person or a people in relation to God the Shepherd.

Sin:  disobedience to God.

Sinners:  all mankind born of the seed of man.

Smoldering wick:  dying soul of a backslider, symbolizing the terminating point before the fate-determining end; also the penitent wicked.

Son:  heir – male or female.

Son of God:  Jesus Christ, Heir of God and a term symbolically meaning Heir of all things He created.

Sons of God:  co-heirs with Christ – all people in the kingdom of God.

Sow:  a backsliding woman returning to her sinful life.

Slave:  a Christian who has failed to realize the freedom of the Spirit.

Springs of Living Water:   Holy Spirit as the Source and Teacher of God’s Word.

shining Stars:  servants of God who lead many to righteousness.


Talents:  all priceless gifts of God, beginning with life.

Tares:  the exposure of the wicked.

Tears:  that divine part of Mary’s perfect worship which is symbolic of true repentance – a broken and contrite heart.

The horse or the mule:  obstinate people who need the constant disciplining of God.

The land of the living:  the kingdom of God.

The sleeping:  dead in sin.

The Son of man:  Jesus Christ, Son of Mary the man or God’s Son born of the woman and a term symbolically meaning Firstborn and Heir of man who is also the Heir of all things to be created.

Thorns and briers:  to describe the wicked as opposed to the majestic beauty of myrtles and pines, the righteous.

Treasure bearing jars of clay:  children of God while yet in their earthly nature, bearing spiritual or heavenly gifts.

True Vine:  Jesus Christ in relation to the Church as God’s Vineyard.

Trumpet sound:  declaring war or proclamation of war.


Vineyard:  Church in relation to Jesus as the True Vine.

Virgin:  new-born, for eg. Virgin Daughter of Zion, Virgin Daughter of Babylon.


Washing of the feet:  Forgiving.

Water:  God’s Word or the cleansing Word of God which washes us and keeps us spiritually clean.

Weeds:  plantings of the devil, the enemy of God.

Well nurtured plants:  righteous and fruitful children of God.

Wheat:  symbolic of the readiness of the children of God.

Wiping Jesus’ feet with her hair:  that divine part of Mary’s perfect worship which is symbolic of the unveiling or the freedom of the Spirit for all God’s people from the cursed subjection and submission to man.  Refer Ezek 13:21.

Woman in labor:  spiritual anguish for God’s people in its physical manifestations.


Zion:  the holy and now invisible Mountain of God, the one and eternal place of true worship; hence another name of God’s eternal or heavenly abode.

 (to be continued)