The intervention in God’s creation
In the form of Judgment
Came to be, for Satan
And his band of rebelling angels.
The conclusion in God’s creation
In the form of Sabbath
Came to be, for man –
The Eternal Rest of God and holy angels.
Jesus taught, ‘Sabbath for man;
The honor of Sabbath, the Son of man.’
He who then denies the Sabbath
How so honors the Lord of the Sabbath?
That which the man of old disobeyed,
The nation of God then desecrated
And the peoples of God now discarded
How so be the rest for the rebellious?
His Table in the wilderness calls
The humble to the richest of His fare
Salvation, Spirit of God and Sabbath rest.
How so for one who tarries and sups not?
The freedom of Spirit
Grants wings to the obedient
To soar high into His resting place –
The Sabbath of God for the righteous.
The freedom of man
Clips the wings of disobedient
To tarry at Satan’s table of surplus
For Judgment he’s but, sore pressed.
And Judgment it shall be upon her
Ahead of the wicked, the Enemy –
The bejeweled and unfaithful harlot
Who profanes God’s holy Name on earth.
The Day of the Lord –
Of the Sabbath’s increase on earth
To gather Her who keeps It holy to Him.
Oh man beguiled and branded
Of what beauty, of what worth?
Even now He warns and beckons
To be healed, hallowed and readied.