Amid the quiet stillness of life in motion
A cry is heard and the silence is broken.
Amid the thunderous worship in heaven
A song is heard for joyous celebration.
Saddled with cares and troubles mixture
The cries echo louder at departure.
Whilst songs of joy and songs of sorrow
Will walk the freed into his morrow.
Of earth’s the calling and of earth’s the name
To do its bidding and follow its fame.
Of Spirit’s beckoned, on the Word founded
Of His Blood united, the world’s hounded.
Every step forward, new dreams unfolded
Conformed to its ways, in its pattern molded.
Every step forward, a milestone achieved
From the valley of death is heaven perceived.
The laurels, the applause, yet again silenced
For earth’s sad homage to the grave acquiesced.
The battle is over though none conquered
Wounded and weary, to Rest entered.
These are the born and the born again
Earth’s two children, heaven’s single gain.
Though death conceived, its womb swollen
Gave birth to wind to fan its fiery destination.