Why is the creation story treated as no more than a myth even in the so-called Christian world?

A. Because, as in science for instance, whether equipped with the most sophisticated tools of vision or not, we outsmart even ourselves to assume we will believe only that which is visible to our naked eye or is proved on paper – the ultimate rationale of the unseeing man (Matt 15:14)! Hence, we are willing to believe anything that comes from man and limit our understanding to that which is substantiated by him, so to speak.

The idea that only the Creator Himself can provide all our answers just does not occur to us! Therefore, we treat the work of God, like we treat the so-called challenging works of men. Like the painting ‘Mona Lisa’ of Leonardo da Vinci, for example, that seems to intrigue men even today so that each one produces his own theories of it simply because its creator hasn’t offered anything by way of explanation, and what’s more? He’s most definitely not going to, ever!

But God, Whose WISDOM is Light, is obviously not like mortal man even though man likes to believe He is – read Ps 50:21-22, “……..you thought I was altogether like you….” And He is called a Friend of man because He reveals all things, even His ‘deepest secrets’ to all who seek Him (Amos 4:13, 1 Cor 2:10-14, Amos 3:7, Prov 1:23, Ps 25:14, Jn 15:15, 1 Cor 2:9 etc.). Unless one is taught of God, one will neither know God nor see God. Jn 6:65, “HE WENT ON TO SAY, ‘THIS IS WHY I TOLD YOU THAT NO ONE CAN COME TO ME UNLESS THE FATHER HAS ENABLED HIM.’”

To those who have been taught of God, Gen 1 & 2 are not just a wonderful chronicling of His work of creation but also the revelation of His Triune identity, the revelation and knowledge of the evil that came to be, the declaration of God’s Judgment, the revelation of His perfect holiness and in contrast the stark difference i.e man – whether male or female, the declaration of the eternal Gospel and the complete redemption and regeneration that is to be which is clearly underway for all to undeniably behold and acknowledge confounding ordinary mortals and scientists alike!