Is God ‘male’?  Does God have a gender?  Why do we address God as ‘Father’?

No, He isn’t. God does not have a gender. God is Spirit and therefore without any physical form (Jn 4:24). In fact, everything in heaven is without gender and will continue to remain so forever (Matt 22:30).

We address God as ‘Father’ because He created all things, and hence HE IS THE FATHER OF ALL. Likewise, TITLES SUCH AS TEACHER, MASTER, PROVIDER, HUSBAND ETC. ALSO HAVE NO GENDER CONNOTATION AS THEY ARE THE TITLES MEANT FOR GOD ALONE (Matt 23:8-10). Yet men willfully disobey God and wrongfully take it upon themselves to be called by these titles by attributing the male gender to them (eg. Matt 23:8)!

God creates and does all things by His Word and His Spirit. Indeed, Jesus reaffirms that the children of God are not born of flesh, but of the Word and of the Spirit (Jn 3:5-7). Just as it was revealed since the very beginning – refer Jn 1:13, Mal 2:15.  AND HE CAME IN ORDER THAT WE MAY RECEIVE OF His Word (also called the Living Water) and His Spirit (the Fountain of His Word), and thereby, of everlasting life. As such, the superiority claims of the male gender or the various races of mankind ARE NOTHING BUT LIES, undeniably substantiated by their common afflictions of the flesh including death which shrouds one and all (Ps 62:9).

Therefore, understand and learn the true meanings of these titles which are as follows:

1. FATHER means THE CREATOR AND PROVIDER of all things. The reason it is forbidden to call anyone on earth ‘Father’ (eg. Matt 23:9).  Note how by closing the womb of Sarah and then granting her a child at an age when it was impossible to have one, God once again sought to remind man that He Alone is the Creator and the Provider. However, are men willing to truly learn and acknowledge the Truth? (Gen 17:17-18)

2. TEACHER means THE SOURCE of all that is good and pure (Jas 1:17). For example, note the THREE CONTRASTS to the life-saving Truth received from God (Gen 2:15-17), at the very beginning itself:- A. in the EVIL knowledge of the devil (Gen 3:1, 4-5), B. in the ABSOLUTE FOLLY that was passed on by man (Gen 3:2-3) and C. in the DUAL NATURE of the knowledge from the forbidden tree (Gen 2:17)!

All servants of God or teachers of His Word – male and female alike, may only serve Him and teach others if they are instructed of the Lord Himself (Matt 13:52) and are careful to pass on that which they have received verbatim and diligently (1 Tim 4:16). Such a one does not cease to be instructed but waits on God at all times. Such a one perseveres in the received Truth and are thus able to save both oneself and one’s hearers (1 Tim 4:16).

3. MASTER means THE OWNER WHO MAKES PROVISIONS TO SUSTAIN LIFE AND THE JUDGE WHO RULES WITH RIGHTEOUSNESS AND JUSTICE – in other words, the Compassionate God and the Consuming Fire (eg. Heb 12:29). All creations look to Him for life and sustenance (eg. Matt 6:26). And they groan in eager expectation of their redemption which can only come from Him (Rom 8:19-21, Matt 10:28).

4. HUSBAND means THE REDEEMER – For who can pay the ransom for the life of man so that he should live on forever and not see decay? (egs. Ps 49:7-9, Rev 5:9)

Note: By usurping these titles for themselves, men have been continually usurping the glory due only to God. Today, if women are also seen to follow in the same path of unfaithfulness as their male counterparts, the men have only themselves to blame! (Hos 4:14) And just as Hos 4:14 testifies, “…. A PEOPLE WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING WILL COME TO RUIN!”