Was woman created subordinate to man?

No, quite the contrary in fact!

First of all, we must understand that the name ‘Woman’ was given to her by man in violation of God’s will.  God had given them the name ‘Man’ or ‘Adam’ (Gen 5:2) which clearly meant both male and female.  Read Gen 1:26, “Then God said, ‘Let us make MAN in our image, in our likeness, and LET THEM rule…..’”. Again, read Gen 1:27, “So God created MAN……..MALE AND FEMALE HE CREATED THEM.”

It is only when we read Genesis chapter 2 in addition to Gen 1:26-30 that we learn in detail as to how and when God created them.  And we find that WOMEN ARE NOT CREATED SUBORDINATE TO MEN, RATHER THEY ARE CREATED SUPERIOR!  For instance, look at their basic component – whilst the male is formed from the dust of the ground (Gen 2:7), the female is formed from the rib or bone of the male (Gen 2:21-22), which is the most advanced state of transformed dust. 

We cannot overlook the fact that of all God’s creations, the assessment of ‘the male of man’ suggested a lack so that for the first time God said, “It is not good…” (Gen 2:18a).  Until then God was pleased with all that He had done and commended them as “..Good” (for eg. Gen 1:4, 10 etc.).  It is only after God had created the female and made up for the lack which by then was even sensed by the male (Gen 2:20) that God commended, again for the first time, “…. very good.” (Gen 1:31).

Now, to suppose that the male is in any way superior just because he was created first and because the female is called “a suitable helper”  (Gen 2:18, 20) goes against both God’s Sovereign Will and Divine Purpose.  For as it is written in Rom 1:18-20, God’s work of creation testifies to His knowledge and glory.  Each and every verse unravels His invisible qualities to us.  The creation of ‘man’ most importantly!

In fact it is with the creation of man that God first proclaims the Coming of the Messiah, the Son of God.  The manner in which they were created, the image and likeness of Him that they portrayed, the purpose for which they were created, the power and authority they were given etc. everything collectively foretold the Eternal Gospel of Salvation of God for mankind.

As such, the creation of the female proclaimed the “Renewal of ‘man’ by the Blood of Jesus Christ”His holy Bride and suitable helper.  Note how Jesus set the record straight on the eve of His vicarious death at the Passover table and once and for all corrected the old self-glorifying lie of the male in Gen 2:23.  For truly indeed it is not the body of man which is broken for us and not the blood of man which is shed for us.

Therefore, she became the second man or the better man just as the prophetic second wine which is the better wine.  In her is found the first fulfillment of the prophecy “But many who are first will be last,  and the last first” (Mk 10:31).

Her creation prophesied the glorious future of mankind and promptly afterwards her election (Gen 3:15), the salvation of mankind. She became the chosen one of God, elected both as the individual (Gen 3:15) and as His people also known as the Daughter of Zion.  Hence called the “Suitable Helper” of God.  For she would partake in the salvation plan of God – as the individual to bring forth the Son of God, and as His people to bring forth the nation of God (Isa 66:7-10).

This is the reason she symbolized the perfect companion for the male both by her superior constituent (Gen 2:21-22) and by her superior calling (Gen 3:15).  To all his lack, she was meant to provide the perfect balance and recreate the perfect oneness between them.  She was created to counter his basic earthly instincts with her superior and more upright instincts (note how she was the one who sought wisdom).  However, the Word of God testifies to what followed in reality, and how the two ended up falling from grace and losing their divinely ordained glory.  TO LEARN ALL AND UNDERSTAND FULLY, READ THE ARTICLE POSTED ON THE WEBSITE “THE TRUTH ABOUT THE OLD AND THE NEW COVENANTS – THE ULTIMATE REVELATION!

The conclusion to the creation of man, i.e. by the creation of the female, came to pass only after God had created all things else (Gen 1:26).  It began on the third day, when the male was created (Gen 2:4-7) and concluded on the sixth day when the female was created as the last of His creations.  HENCE THE THREE-FOLD STATEMENT OF MAN’S CREATION IN GEN 1:27“So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created Him; male and female He created them.”

Before I conclude, it is also important that we understand from Gen 2:25, that both the male and the female bore only the likeness and the image of God. That is, neither was perfect as God or clothed with the perfect righteousness of God. It explains why they were not placed with God in heaven, but in Eden. In fact they were created a little lower than the heavenly beings (Ps 8:5-7, Matt 22:30, Rev 4:7-8, Rev 10:1 etc.).  The two were also lacking in perfect wisdom, made evident by the fact that they failed to perceive their nakedness – their imperfection. They only realized it after their fall (Gen 3:7)!

IT IS THE MOST UNFORTUNATE AND CONSUMMATE FOLLY OF THE MALE OF MAN THAT HE HAS SINCE BECOME A WILLING ACCOMPLICE OF THE DEVIL WHO IN HIS PRIDE HAD ORGANIZED A VAIN REBELLION TO USURP THE THRONE OF GOD AND THEN WENT ON TO BECOME THE CURSED ENEMY OF THE WOMAN AND HER OFFSPRING.  Consequently, the unrepentant male now equals himself to God and strives to usurp the glory and honor due to Him.  Just as he had usurped the God-ordained name ‘Man’ only for himself (Gen 2:23, Gen 3:20)!   In doing so, to his many sins he then added the now manifested inhuman persecution of the woman which had first begun with his insubordination of her in name. 

As such it is of paramount importance that we understand that the doctrine of male superiority is a lie,  an absolute falsehood, and seeks only to strike at the nerve-center of the Eternal Gospel.  It is the very armament of Satan employed to “strike His heel” (Gen 3:15b) in an attempt to thwart God’s Salvation Work for mankind.  And just as  Satan failed, man will fail too when God shall expose him fully and destroy him completely.