Who are the Nephilim? Why is it written that they were found on the earth even after the Flood?

The mention of the giant men called the Nephilim, for the first time in Gen 6:4, is a bone of contention with cynics and scoffers alike. Could the Flood that covered THE MOUNTAINS to a depth of more than twenty feet for a hundred and fifty days not destroy these giants among mankind so that they may survive the deluge to live on quite oblivious to God???!!

Indeed not!!  Ignoring the ludicrous suggestion, let us take a firm hold of things beginning with the very beginning of chapter 6.

We find that Genesis chapter 6 begins with the narration of how sin and wickedness multiplied on earth as men increased in number.  It goes on to highlight TWO OF THE GREATEST WICKEDNESS springing one each from the so-called righteous and the wicked respectively :

Firstly, lets look into this heightened wickedness of the so-called ‘godly’ or the ‘righteous’.  Vs. 2 – states how the so-called godly men or servants or ‘sons of God’ as they were called then became unfaithful to God and seeing that the daughters of men were beautiful “..they married any of them they chose.” 

Hence the pronouncement of God’s Judgment upon them in Vs 3: that His Spirit will not contend with man forever.  For such men, in spite of their calling and election, backslide to clothe themselves with mortality like the rest (Vs 3).  THIS IS IN SUMTOTAL THE PROCLAMATION OF THE COMING JUDGMENT OF GOD BEGINNING WITH THE HOUSE OF GOD (eg. Jer 25:34-38) as we see that even the Covenant of Circumcision failed to open their eyes, and to date ‘men of God’ continue in their unfaithfulness in every manner (eg. Hos 4) – towards God and toward all men, particularly the women.

Secondly, lets look into this heightened wickedness of the ‘ungodly’.  Vs 4 – states how from among the rest of mankind – i.e. from among the wicked, rose human giants, then called the Nephilim, who relied entirely on their physical prowess and valor to make a name for themselves – “…. THEY WERE THE HEROES OF OLD, MEN OF RENOWN.”

Like Esau, they are the ungodly or godless men of this world – advocates of the flesh and God-haters who live for the glory of their flesh alone.  Hence it is written (Vs 5) “The Lord saw how great man’s wickedness on the earth had become, and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time.” and that it grieved the Lord that He had made man on the earth (Vs 6).

AFTER THE FLOOD (Gen 6:4), as was wont to happen for such is man, they did spring up once again among the sons of Noah – THREE IN ALL (Num 13:22), and were found among the Canaanites (Num 13:28 & 33) and came to be called the Anakites (Deut 9:2) before they were completely annihilated by Joshua and his men (Josh 11:21-22, Josh 15:14) and they are mentioned no more except in reference to their end (Judg 1:10 & 20).

However, the Truth is that the likes of them continue to spring up everywhere: in every land, in every nation and at all times. Never mind by what names they are called with the passing of time, for instance the Emites (Deut 2:10-11) and the Zamzummites (Deut 2:20-21) etc. who lived during the time of Anakites but were also destroyed just like them.

And today this glorying in one’s flesh has come to be manifested in every manner possible – just so that they may seek renown among men.  If not by brawn, by brain, beauty, birth, bearings (titles), billions, bestowed gifts………. and what other beastly things men value to trade for the sake of name, fame and wealth.  But let us remember, “What is highly valued among men is detestable in God’s sight.” (Lk 16:15b).

So the proclamation of the Coming Wrath of God reasserted itself (eg. Gen 6:7, Mic 7:11). Isa 23:9, “THE LORD ALMIGHTY PLANNED IT, TO BRING LOW THE PRIDE OF ALL GLORY AND TO HUMBLE ALL WHO ARE RENOWNED ON THE EARTH.”