Why did God send the deluge or the Great Flood upon the earth?

The ANSWER to why God sent the deluge or the Great Flood upon the earth is more or less ignored or shirked off at face value as one struggles to come to terms with such a prospect as the scoffers of the time.  The only difference being that the scoffers then had never seen a rain until that time, let alone a flood, whilst the scoffers now cannot imagine a world without its seasonal rains and occasional floods. However, today’s post is going to address the all-important question in totality so that many eyes may be opened.

  1. First of all, this was neither an ordinary rain nor the occasional flood we are so accustomed to seeing and hearing about.  This was the deluge that inundated the entire earth for a great length of time.  Hence hardly comparable.  For this was meant to be symbolic of GOD’S ETERNAL JUDGMENT that will come upon the earth and its inhabitants (eg. Matt 24:37-39, 2 Pet 3:3-7).
  2. God’s Eternal Judgment is the Judgment God warned man about right from the beginning (eg. Gen 2:17).  Quiet obviously man failed to grasp it even though the fulfillment of it had already begun with his Spiritual Death in Eden.  (To understand the same better, read Gen 3:7-12, which narrates the immediate consequences of his fall – his newfound feelings of shame and fear, the newfound need for a covering and a hiding place and finally having realized that he had failed in providing the necessary cover, the surfacing of his open and relentless rebellion towards God which manifested itself as he sought to shift the blame not only on to the woman but also on to God Himself!)
  3. What is more?  Physical Death followed as was wont to (Gen 3:17-19), but he remained unmindful and ignorant, all the while increasing in wickedness.  So much so that, while the so-called godly among them became more and more unfaithful to both God and fellow-men (Gen 6:2), the godless blasphemed the Name of God by glorying in their mortal flesh to hero-worship fellow-men (Gen 6:4) who pretended to embody true and ultimate ‘manliness’ by their superior show of size and strength.
  4. It was then God intervened (Gen 6:3a, Gen 6:7, Gen 6:13), yet again, and sent in the Great Flood to literally and symbolically forewarn men of the Eternal Judgment by fire (eg. Mic 7:13) – WHICH WILL BE THE CONSUMMATION OF DEATH IN MAN BY THE LAST AND FINAL DEATH WHICH WILL COME UPON HIM: THE DEATH OF HIS SOUL (Matt 10:28).  And to help man number his days God also shortened his days (Gen 6:3b, Ps 90:10) so that he may begin to see Light and turn to God and be saved while he may.  Read Ps 90:12, “Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”
  5. This is the reason John the Baptist, the forerunner of the Messiah, preached the kingdom of heaven with the symbolic baptism by water, to denote the baptism which is accomplished, in order that he may pave the way for the One who will bring to fulfillment the baptism (i.e. Judgment of the world – eg. Lk 12:49) of the world with Holy Spirit and Fire (Matt 3:11).  Read 2 Pet 3:7, “By the same Word the present heavens and earth are reserved for fire, being kept for the Day of Judgment and destruction of ungodly men.”
  6. Why Holy Spirit before the Fire?  So that men are without excuse for having not repented and turned to God.  Just as it was for the men during Noah’s time who refused to believe the warnings and scoffed while he preached God’s Word before the Flood.
  7. Why is the deluge not the actual Judgment but only symbolic of the same?  Because the actual Judgment is when ALL THE DEAD shall rise  for the Eternal Judgment of God.  It is the Judgment that will forever seal the fate of their souls (Rev 20:12-13).  So, whether victims of the Flood, or of Sodom and Gomorrah, or of any unnatural or natural causes, even those that will perish as they gather for direct confrontation with Christ (Rev 20:9), all the dead shall rise to be judged according to their deeds (eg. Matt 10:15, Matt 11:22-24 etc.).
  8. Finally, it symbolizes the End of the Cursed Dominion of the ‘Anti-Christ’, who is symbolically the Fallen Male (Gen 3:16), from the very first of them (egs. Matt 24:24, 1 Jn 4:3), and the Beginning of the Blessed and Eternal Reign of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  This is the reason Jesus has stated, Matt 23:35, “And so upon you will come all the righteous blood that has been shed on earth, from the blood of righteous Abel to the blood of Zechariah….”  Yes, A to Z all the righteous blood will be avenged.  As for the righteous themselves, A to Z, living or dead, they will all partake of the First Resurrection, the Resurrection of the Righteous, and they will sit on thrones and judge the nations along with Christ.  As it is written, “Do you not know that the saints will judge the world?..” (1 Cor 6:2).  Refer Rev 20:4, Lk 11:31 & 32, Matt 19:28, etc.