Why does God call man when it was preordained since the beginning that He would send His Son to bring all His divine purposes to fulfillment?

The calling of man versus The Coming of the Son of God

So that not only all mankind but particularly the called among them may understand and see the stark contrast between the two and learn to humble themselves before God.

Pride is the beginning of fall.  It was true of Lucifer, now Satan (Ezek 28:17).  And it is true of man, now the fallen man or beast (Gen 2:23).  Likewise it is true of every man and every nation who once was called of God, until pride got the better of them and all alike fell away, beginning with the nation Israel (Ezek 16:14-15).

THIS IS THE REASON JESUS HAS SAID “…..LEARN FROM ME, FOR I AM GENTLE AND HUMBLE IN HEART, AND YOU WILL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOULS.” (Matt 11:29).  Yes, none but Jesus Christ Alone has truly exemplified humility of heart by His total submission and perfect obedience  to the Will of God the Father.

In His perfect humility, the only begotten Son of God, having fulfilled the election and calling of the woman (Gen 3:15), by His Coming on earth, then chose to call Himself the “Son of man” (which term is in fact in every sense the female of the man robbed of her God-ordained name – Gen 5:2) so that He may uplift her cause, the lowliest of the lowly since subjected to the fallen man!  Read Lk 1:46-55, “And Mary said: “My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, for He HAS BEEN MINDFUL OF THE HUMBLE STATE OF HIS SERVANT………HE HAS SCATTERED THOSE WHO ARE PROUD IN THEIR INMOST THOUGHTS. He has brought down rulers from their thrones but has LIFTED UP THE HUMBLE….”

Yet, here too, it is blatant arrogance on the part of man, i.e. of the male of man (just like it was with the first of them – refer Gen 2:23), to misappropriate the God-ordained honor that is given to the woman in the term “the Son of man” for himself and chart wicked genealogies for the Son of God, painstakingly and of course very foolishly tracing it along their ancestry!  Is it a wonder then that the two genealogies that are made available in the Books of Mathew and Luke should fail to concur????  If the division itself does not testify to the lies, then what will?  For, hasn’t the Son of God Himself denounced these lies?  For examples, refer Mk 12:35-37, Jn 8:56-58 etc.

Yet, are we willing to see Light?  Instead, don’t we love to continue to pretend that the entire Bible is the holy work of God when it is clearly obvious to us by the confusing contradictions (planted for the purpose), the discrepancies, the fallacies, the terrible lies etc. that in totality it is man-induced corruption of God’s Word?  How we ridicule God’s holy Name and bring His holy work to disrepute when we swear allegiance to the Bible and not to the Holy Spirit who Alone may lead us into all Truth in this world that is soon going to be submerged in total darkness, both figuratively and literally (Amos 8:11-12, Matt 24:29, Rev 16:10)?

Understand that all the lies and counter lies that pervade this world including those within the Bible are due   thanks to the UNYIELDING PRIDE OF MAN!  The influence or the sway of pride comes from Satan who, as Jesus reveals, is the father of lies (Jn 8:44b, Matt 13:25).  Let us read what the Word of God testifies about Satan, “Your heart became proud on account of your beauty (in spiritual terms the word beauty means holiness), and you corrupted your wisdom because of your splendor…” (Ezek 28:17).  Adam followed in those very footsteps and all his sons thereafter down to his sons of the present-day generation.  And they will continue so until the last of them is exposed!

Firstly, learn to distinguish between the Word of God and words of men.  Then learn from the Word of God which traces the sequence of events that leads to the fall of man and to his ultimate and irrevocable Judgment from God.  Understand that it begins with Pride (Gen 2:23) which makes him reject the Knowledge and Fear of God to corrupt Wisdom (Gen 3:2) which is the Word of God entrusted to him to be taught and passed on faithfully.  Thus causing himself to mislead and to be misled, he invites the forewarned Judgment of God (Gen 3:17-19) – a warning to repent and turn to God while he may (Dan 9:24). 

However, undeterred he moves on to rebel against the holy verdict of God (Gen 3:20) and passes on his legacy of unfaithfulness and rebellion to his like-minded sons.  So that the first of them invites sin that crouched at his door to swallow him whole, in spite of God’s warning (eg. Gen 4:6).  Since then the label of sinner has remained stuck to him in addition to his label of the fallen man.  HE HAS CEASED to be the image and likeness of God but has become one with the beasts having lost his old glory and now arrayed in the garments of skin (Gen 3:21) – both in nature and likeness of the beasts!

Now then who can he blame but himself when he finds that he stands as far removed from God as he possibly could be, with the gaping chasm of the Judge and the judged between themselves which he fails to overcome even though he may by humbling himself as the Son of man with the ready help of the Son of God.  Yes who can he blame but himself when he finds that indeed “The Judge is standing at the door” (James 5:9b).