The Kingdom Of Man

The kingdom of man
Is the seat of Satan
Irrespective of race, religion or region.
In man he reigns
With the goodness he feigns
To captivate by treachery both men and women.
In man’s solo dominion
His high place of treason
Is God opposed for sacrifices forbidden.
His legions of avarice
In man’s willing accomplice
Wages his enmity with woman, God’s chosen.
In his land of destitute
Heaven’s laws prostitute
And litter its streets with ills of ill-gotten.
Where men strut as beasts
To women slut as feasts
And scatter their seeds to be tread upon.
Tunes he to Satan’s cue
From every Godly virtue
To subvert and endorse his own evil version.
By diktats of evil portend
Sex, violence and wrong intend
Craftily scripts to decree in contravention.
Howbeit his castles stand
On lies the sinking sand
His glory sinks with the mire and filth within.
For the kingdom of man
Is only a short span
Though myriads of faces it alters in between.
These Nephilim of flesh
Whose gods are but themselves
Their deeds showcase them beasts among men.
In them if only he’d see
His mirrored fallacy
He’d hasten to repent for the Kingdom of Heaven.
But deign how can he
Escape Satan’s destiny
To let go of his kingdom by evil begotten?
This prince of darkness
Who in his Hour of madness
Forsakes his Creator to fall among the fallen!
For the kingdom of man
Is the pinnacle of union
For devil their differences to ceaseless cessation.