Like the unveiling of art

In some gallery

Defined by deft strokes

Of an artist’s imagery,

Begins one’s life-long

Journey of self-discovery

In others’ appraisal

Of shrewd mastery.


Like swaddling of infant

In rags many

Inspired by need

Or counsels uncanny,

Swathed is one’s self

In identities too many

Of color, gender, religion,

Even ignominy.


Like the caterpillar

Before its flight

On wings of butterfly

From its cocoon alight,

Must self liberate

And bring soul to light

On wings of salvation

From shrouds of midnight.


Like the seed buried

Shelled and decayed

Before life and beauty

In new sapling displayed,

Must the beauty of soul

On one’s self portrayed

And come undressed

In His glory arrayed.