Evolution is

Man from beast.

Truth is

Beast from man.


Bible is

Compiled by man.

Truth is

Supplied by God.


Magical are

The illusions of man.

Miraculous are

The provisions of God.


Male is

The selected of men.

Female is the

Elected of God.


Religious are

Those who fear men. 

Godly are

Those who fear God.


Weddings of men

Rent asunder.

Wedding of the Lamb

Joins together.


True Husband

Is One who redeems

Impostors are men

Who only ravage.


Church means

The Holy Bride.

Churches mean

Woe betide!


Life is

The Gift of God.

Death is

The drift of man.


Humility is

Submission to God.

Sycophancy is

Submission to man.


Repentance is

The way of the godly.

Rebellion is

The way of the manly.


Faith is

The knowledge of God.

Blind faith is

The ignorance of man.


The sun is

A temporal light.

The Son is

The Eternal Light.


Temporal are

The days of the world. 

Eternal is

The Day of the Lord.


At Eden was

The death of man’s trinity. 

On earth is

The death of  his mortality.


Monarchs inherit

The rest of royalty.

His servants adopt

The rest of  poverty.


Many are

The kingdoms of men.

One is

The Kingdom of God.


For One is

The Code of God.

Triple six is

The code of man.