Why did God clothe man (both male and female) with “garments of skin”?


That is right!  Answering the question means to confront the ‘Religious Institution of Marriage’.

Marriage is one of the main features upheld by all religions, whether it is for themselves or for their gods.  Because it is basically yet another tell-tale evidence of man’s rebellion against the divine Law of God which was established at the very beginning. 

The Word of God testifies, “…..’You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the Power of God.  At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven.’ “ (Matt 22:29-30).

God’s Word advocates the Holy and Perfect Oneness of God AND NOT the unholy and insufferable physical union and its miserable aftermaths.

So man, who is at the helm of all religions, coined the idea of marriage for himself in contravention to the divine law which is prophesied and advocated by the Wedding of the Lamb.

Hence the marriages we see around us are merely physical unions even though they are facilitated by the make-believe trappings of a spiritual union!  Therefore, it is but natural that such weddings should also confront divorce.  In other words, confront the Sword of God’s Word which exposes our disunity or divisions (Matt 10:24)!

Let’s not pretend that divorce is a modern day crisis.  Unfaithfulness and divorce date as far back as the beginning of the history of fallen man.  For eg. refer Gen 6:2.

Therefore it should come as no surprise that just as men go about pretending to sanctify their teachings on marriage, they should also go about SEEKING TO SANCTIFY their teachings on divorce (Matt 19:3)!  And pray, who may escape the guilt of ‘marital unfaithfulness’?

As Jesus responds, they only serve as testimonials for sin-hardened men (Matt 19:8).  For such teachings, as is to be expected, limit ‘marital faithfulness’ to ‘sexual faithfulness’ in order to absolve themselves of all their unfaithfulness besides!!!!

For the Religious Institution of Marriage advocates not the perfect oneness of God.  On the contrary it advocates to separate or PUT ASUNDER all things divine and holy, beginning with God’s holy Laws.  Hence the divisions, the divorces etc.  THEIRS IS NOT THE SPIRITUAL UNION OF SOULS BUT THE SEXUAL UNION OF FLESH.  Hence engraved on the evil laws of submission to flesh, supremacy of flesh etc. to enhance their evil cause which is as depraved as the worship of the male genital and reverence of the male image (eg. Ezek 16:17, Eph 5:24-25).

Surely, one can see that there is no use pretending that such marriages are made in heaven!  How can one pretend that one needs God to bring about the sexual union?

If indeed God had anything to do with it, crimes like rape, incest, fornication, sodomy etc. etc. etc. would not be there at all. And to think that is the justification provided by the CHURCHES TO PROPAGATE THEIR FALSE TEACHINGS OF MARRIAGE (eg. 1 Cor 7:5, 9 etc.)!  Yes, churches go on to add to their justifications by trying to establish that marriage prevents sexual sins, unfaithfulness………!  DO THEY?  HAVE THEY EVER? …..!!!

Therefore understand that marriage or sexual union is not the means to practice faithfulness, self-control and holy living.  Who indeed can claim to have gained self-control after having been exposed to a life in the flesh?  Divine virtues are the fruits of the Holy Spirit, not of flesh.  Only he who abides in the Spirit produces them.

THE TRUTH is that the Holy God, the God Most High, has nothing to do with any unholy acts of man – be it sex, violence…. whatever.  They are the garments men wear.  For example, read what the Lord says, “I hate a man’s covering himself with violence as well as with his garment.” (Mal 2:16).


For God’s Word teaches, “SO THEY ARE NO LONGER TWO, BUT ONE.  THEREFORE WHAT GOD HAS JOINED TOGETHER, LET MAN NOT SEPARATE.” (Matt 19:6).   Here, Jesus Christ, who came to fulfill all scriptures, and by doing so to reinstate them, testifies to the spiritual unity of God in ‘man – the male and female’ that ONCE WAS WHEN THEY WERE CREATED BY GOD.



Now Gen 2:24, which is purported to have been quoted by Jesus to testify to this perfect oneness of man that was present in the beginning, however, DOES NOT COME WITHOUT A TWIST – obviously meant to confuse.  Even the elect of God, if it were possible!  (Matt 24:24).


Reverting to this TWIST in Gen 2:24, highlighted particularly by the words “ONE FLESH”, it becomes obvious that it is meant to allude to the sexual union in order to sanctify marriages.  But come to think of it, if it were meant to be so and not obviously the craftiness of man which it clearly is, then how does one answer the following?  Who are the father and mother that the man “Adam” was supposed to leave to become united to his wife “Eve”?  What does the word “leave” imply?  And that if the union was sexual in nature, why did the man and wife not conceive or beget their offspring in Eden?

Moreover, note how Gen 2:24 begins.  It begins in support of or in continuation of Gen 2:23 which ANYONE CAN SEE are not God’s Words but WORDS OF MAN.  In other words, a twist supporting another twist; a lie upheld by another lie.

Indeed, this is the reason we find that ‘the man’ here ends up FORSAKING God the Father to be united to ‘his wife’, i.e. to become ‘one flesh’ with her (Gen 4:1).  For this is clearly the implication of the word “leave” we are given to understand.  And to this day, this is the standing testimony against mankind in general and against the churches in particular!

Such LIES OR CORRUPTION OF GOD’S WORD form the basis on which the churches have laid down their laws on marriage, falsely claiming that it has been so since the beginning!

If it is not enough that one should find the folly of man sufficiently established in Gen 2:24, then the following verse, Gen 2:25, once and for all lays to rest any iota of doubt that might perchance cross one’s mind.

The fallacy of man’s teaching is all the more exposed in Gen 2:25 which points to their sinless glory that existed before their fall.  The state of “nakedness” common to both of them, that which brought them NO SHAME!  We will understand it better if we note how contrary it is to the second kind of “nakedness” alluded to in Gen 3:7 & 21, following their fall – that which brought on feelings OF SHAME AND FEAR SO THAT THEY SHOULD SEEK COVER. 

The closest we can come to describing the difference between the two is by comparing the absolute lack of shame in a new-born baby towards its physical nakedness with that of the overriding sense of indignity, shame and horror in an adult towards his or hers.  We know that until such a time a baby grows and becomes self-conscious, it will not seek to clothe on its own. 

It is the same with spiritual nakedness.  The first couple would have had to first become spiritually self-conscious before they can even aspire to clothe themselves.  Which means they would have had to first grow in the fellowship of God and learn of His surpassing righteousness before becoming conscious of their need to clothe themselves with His ‘robe of righteousness’ which would alone enable them to enter the kingdom of heaven and dwell with God (Rev 19:7-8).

However, we may not liken the “nakedness” of Gen 3 with physical “nakedness” as it would completely obliterate the Truth.  Because the nakedness here being the “spiritual nakedness” cannot be covered by ‘man’ no matter how they go about it.  This is how religions expose man.  And this is why all his righteous deeds shrivel up like leaves and are blown away with the wind.  Most importantly, this is the reason it is written ‘even though they are with child, they give birth to wind’.  For man fails to bring salvation to the earth.  Because, as mentioned above, spiritual nakedness may only be clothed by the Robe of Righteousness which is earned by faithful and diligent obedience to God’s surpassing righteousness.  Just as it was true for them when their leafy coverings had to be replaced by that which God made for them.  So shall it be with the ‘robe of righteousness’.  God will Himself provide them to us at the appropriate time.

This is the reason even though at first both were “naked”, meaning innocent as a new-born infant – both to righteousness and to sin (in knowledge and in deed), they felt no shame.  I.e., until their deeds had exposed them and pronounced them GUILTY, which means no longer innocent of sin or its knowledge.

Thus the ‘nakedness’ of Gen 3:7 is not that of innocence, but that of GUILT.  Guilty of sin and its knowledge.  Hence it was accompanied by the feeling of shame and fear. Their guilt had exposed them in such a way that they could no longer hide from it.  What is more?  It rendered them incapable of making amends as guilt brought along with it the stamp of death, just as the male was forewarned it would.  They had become utterly helpless and hopeless.  So that even the purported knowledge of good that came with it could not save them.  It could serve no more purpose than whitewashing the tombs they had become – made clean on the outside but remaining full of corruption and death inside.

Gen 2:25 is of paramount importance as it helps us to understand all that follows.  Thus we see that having lost the previous glory of their sinless existence, they came to be donned with “garments of skin” which God made for them (Gen 3:21).  By the way, the word ‘garments’ indicate the plural nature of their apparels and not the numbers of them. 

Yes, he who was unfit for Heaven and unfit for Eden is made fit for earth, thanks to his ‘garments of flesh’.


What is this “garment of skin”?  Is it a leather dress or a garment like Elijah and John wore?

Neither.  Even though the churches would like to have us believe that God killed an animal to make those garments for us, the TRUTH IS THAT IT IS THE BODY WE HAVE COME TO ACQUIRE SINCE:

1. It is that which no longer likens us to God but to the beasts. 

(So first of all, let us stop believing the lie that Jesus donned the same body as mortal men:

  (a)  He is the Only One to have come from Heaven, so the question of being born with Edenic nakedness does not even arise.  In His earthly body, He came arrayed in the unfading glory of the Robe of Righteousness.  As a result, He was born sinless, which means in His body was neither sin nor deceit found. 

   (b)  Being the Word Incarnate, He was the Perfect Revelation of God.  In Him was the Perfect Righteousness of God.  And by His perfect obedience to them, He revealed the perfect glory He was adorned with in His earthly body.  This is the reason His is the only body to be able to transfigure back and forth to its heavenly glory and to its earthly body. 

  (c)  Let us also understand that His is not the body of gender distinction but the heavenly body of Oneness, better understood as gender indifference or the complete absence of gender distinctions.  Hence defined in earthly terms as ‘Eunuchs of the Kingdom’.   He proves and exemplifies it by His perfectly holy, perfectly celibate and perfectly spiritual Way of living – completely devoid of the ways of this world.

  (d)   In His body was no sickness found.  In fact the wounds men inflicted on Him became the very fountain of healing.  Because His body was the embodiment of perfection just like Him.  Naturally!!!

  (e)  Lastly, His is the only body that is resurrected just as it was – nail marks and all, unlike the saints who will first be transformed into His likeness before partaking of His resurrection – the resurrection of the righteous.  This is the reason He came to die and willingly offered Himself up to die –  so that He may prove by His resurrection that in Him was no stamp of death as He is Himself the Resurrection and the Life. 

Therefore understand once and for ever that even though He came to live among us, He is not one of us.  In other words, He was not born the beast.  But the Lamb of God among the beasts.)

2. Yes, it is that which has since made us one with the animal kingdom.  And finally, it is that which went on to produce Cain and Abel and all the rest of mankind as ‘boasted of’ by the fallen man in Gen 3:20.  Why ‘boasted’?  Because as it states therein he claimed Eve would become ‘the mother of all the living’ which we know from our own examples as utterly untrue.  (Yet, the churches call him a ‘prophet’ in order that they may expound their sanctification of marriage and propound their lie that children born to them are holy and therefore will live and not die – for example, read 1 Cor 7:14.)

3.  It is that which explains our animal-like instincts.

4.  It is that which enables us to survive on earth.  Fit neither for heaven nor Eden, by God’s mercy this body makes us fit for earth, even though temporarily.


To elaborate on why God clothed ‘man’ with garments of skin, it is because God wished to give them a new lease of life so that while it was still possible they may confront the spiritual nakedness of their souls as they ought to and turn to Him and be truly reconciled to Him for ever. 

We ought not to forget that this garment of skin comes with the stamp of death (Gen 3:19), and it won’t be long before we lose it also and become truly and utterly exposed for who we are and face its consequences at long last.

Unfit for both Heaven and Eden, their only hope lay in surviving on earth in the garb of beasts and seek or await their redemption. 

However, we see that instead of repenting and turning to God, Adam decided he could still prolong man’s longevity by laying with Eve and begetting his offspring by her on whose shoulders it is not to bear or carry forward the curse of death.  Forgetting that, as long as they are the offspring of his seeds, the stamp of death would carry on, interminable till the very end!  SO, DO MEN EVER LEARN?


Reverting back to Matt 22:29-30, this is why Jesus stated we are in error concerning the Scriptures or the Power of God.  Because the Scriptures or God’s Word is the Power of God given to man which was (in Eden) and is (on earth) meant to help them beget godly offspring – the offspring of sinless and glorious righteousness of God, complete with the stamp of eternal life!  And not of flesh which would only beget flesh and amount to nothing and only perish away like the beasts. And this Is exactly what He meant when He said, “Take and eat, this is My Body…” (Matt 26:26-29) for His Body is the Living Word, the Heavenly Manna, which alone can give us Life (Jn 6:51, 54..).

In disobedience to it, if we continue to believe and advocate the lie of Gen 2:23, we will only end up adding to our sins and submitting to the union of flesh, the corruption that is followed up in Gen 2:24, and we will have no one to blame but ourselves.  Therefore, if we testify we belong to Christ, then let us also be able to obey Him in our flesh – “…have renounced marriage because of the kingdom of heaven.  The one who can accept this SHOULD ACCEPT IT.” (Matt 19:12).

This is what Jesus Himself exemplified  – by His birth, by His life on earth and by His Promise to Return Soon to gather His own.  HE WAS NEITHER BORN OF PHYSICAL UNION NOR DOES HE RAISE HIS OFFSPRING BY PHYSICAL UNION.  In Him is found the fulfillment of Mal 2:15, “Has not the Lord made them ONE?  In flesh and spirit they are HIS.  And why one?  Because He was seeking GODLY OFFSPRING.”  And all who by His infallible Word are united to Him, male or female (eg. Mary, Paul etc.), will likewise behold their offspring at His Glorious Return (eg. Isa 49:21), “children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but BORN OF GOD.” (Jn 1:13).

 Spiritual reflections for the spiritual on the matter:

“Evolution is
Man from beast.
But Truth is
Beast from man.”      
“Weddings of men
Rent asunder.
Wedding of the Lamb
Joins together.”