The Great Divide
We say we are living
And yet we die.
For all our boasting
Exposed is our lie.
Jesus said, “I am the Life”
And conquered He death.
For it was by dying
He confirmed He is Truth.
We say we have knowledge
And yet we fumble.
Our failings, our sciences
Show how much we stumble.
Jesus said, “I am the Way”
And beckons us to follow.
His triumphs, His Wisdom
Show He is all there is to know.
We say we have light
And yet we grope
Our torches, our findings
Make no room for hope.
Jesus said, “I am the Resurrection”
And lit up the deepest night.
His cup, His crown of thorns
Couldn’t dim His surpassing Light. 
We say we have history
Yet merely change hands
The legacy of our ancestry
Curtailed by time’s demands.
  “I am the First and the Last”
  Says He who is the Maker of Time:
Of  Present, Future and the Past 
His Story transcending beyond its chime.