Why does God call ‘man’ unfaithful and equates it to the sin of

adultery? (Hos 1:2b)


‘He who is unfaithful to his fellowman
Indubitably is unfaithful to his God.’
Unfaithfulness is the unmistakable LEGACY man inherits from his predecessor.  The only thing it appears that he is ‘faithful’ to pass on to his future generation.  Therefore it is written, “Like Adam, they have broken the covenant – they were UNFAITHFUL to Me there.” (Hos 6:7); “Your first father sinned:  your SPOKESMEN REBELLED against Me.” (Isa 43:27); “Like their fathers they were DISLOYAL and FAITHLESS, as UNRELIABLE as a faulty bow.” (Ps 78:57) etc.  Furthermore, let us not forget it was he who was accused of disobedience, not the woman (Gen 3:17). 
Thus God’s testimony against man goes on as man’s unrestrained unfaithfulness continues unabated.
Why? In order that man may continue to reign over her on the pretext of feigned superiority – superior intelligence, superior prowess, superior stature and what other superiority one can think of!  When in reality HE IS GUILTY OF THE VERY SIN, or in more common parlance, THE VERY CRIME HE ACCUSES HER OF TO JUSTIFY HIS DOMINION OVER HER.  The crime of Unfaithfulness, Rebellion, Disloyalty, Faithlessness, Unreliability and Disobedience TOWARDS his God.  Yes, the very thing by which he has nailed her and stripped her off her former dominion.
This is why it is written, “Can a corrupt throne be allied with You (God) – one that brings on misery by its decrees?” (Ps 94:20).
The Word of God is absolutely clear on the fact that it was the male who had solely received the commandment, being the first (of the two) to be created (Gen 2:15-17).  Therefore, faithfulness on his part, in return, would have been to pass on the same ‘verbatim’, at the same time ensuring that he was himself careful to adhere to it loyally.  This is the reason God makes known His righteousness to us in the first place.  For eg., refer to Gen 18:19.
However, what had transpired in reality was that the first male or the FIRST FATHER had not only failed to pass on God’s Word faithfully to the female but had also failed to obey it himself!  
Yet, men have the God-defying audacity to blame her for reproducing the corrupted version of the commandment!  So that the churches may stand justified to silence her or to throw her out!!!!  Refer 1 Tim 2:12, 1 Cor 14:34-35, Mic 2:9 etc.
One only needs to raise one’s eyes to see how men go about corrupting God’s Word to this day; to see how prevalent is this legacy of unfaithfulness among men who in modern times have regardless chosen to adorn themselves with the title ‘CHURCH FATHERS’ .  Never to be outdone, it would seem, their ever mushrooming bible schools and seminaries churn out scholars in droves so that they can send their emissaries to teach and preach the lies they have planted in the pretext of ‘God’s Word’.
For every Bible, every version of the corrupted reproduction of God’s Word, for every misinterpretation and every lie… who is responsible if not the man himself!  And when woman follows suit… who is he to blame? (Hos 4:14).  But to together face the misfortune they invite upon themselves!  THE QUESTION IS:  WILL EITHER EVER LEARN? 
Today men have made a virtue of their cursed toil and hardship, so that they neither understand nor heed the One who seeks to unburden them (Matt 11:28-30).  As for women, they have deluded themselves to believe that there is no greater blessing than the cursed desire (Gen 3:16) for her male counterpart!  Indeed they find themselves moved to tears, too overwhelmed to speak, when their feelings are reciprocated!!!
Mantled by this pseudo virtuosity they continue in the same vein as their FIRST MOTHER who, having failed to understand how gullible she had become to deception with the faulty Word she was given, turns not to God but falls for the first deceiver who comes along.  They lead their daughters along the same path and multiply their misery each day.  When will they return to their True Husband, the Perfect One of their True Desire (Dan 11:37) and live the life of freedom, totally absolved of their sins?
Because as long as she chooses to remain blind to the truth, neither will she allow herself nor her daughters (or her sons for that matter) the GOD-ORDAINED freedom to be absolved of all guilt, truly delivered from the mercenary oppression of their male counterparts, having been restored to her former dominion and divine kinship (Mic 4:8).