When will mankind begin to see light and stop blaming God for their


Man’s persistent failure to see Light is indeed the reason God describes him as “slow to understanding”.  As He elaborates upon it most explicitly, “They have eyes but do not see, ears but do not hear and minds but do not understand.”

Therefore, today let us confront the question:  Is God to be blamed? Or, worse still, as some are prone to do, is it okay to deny His very existence just because we fail to comprehend Truth?

Let us determine for ourselves.  Is it not plain stupidity when in doing so we only end up shunning Him Who is our very Source of Light and Deliverance?  Yes, we deny ourselves the Only Hope we may truly bank on!  Yet is it not more than just foolhardiness when in doing so we only end up leaning more and more towards ‘man’ WHO IN REALITY IS THE SOURCE OF ALL OUR TROUBLES?

Day in and day out, we procreate a people compelled to look to man for their sustenance and well-being – whether it is within society’s smaller units of families and communities or within its larger units of  politically motivated states, nations or even groups of nations uniting together under some man-induced common umbrella!  Man is the one who is sought and appointed – to lead, direct and administer, for whatever it is that our foolish hearts hanker after.

Indeed, how foolish to assume our fathers are any better, any wiser, any worthier than ourselves, when in reality our foolishness, our fears, our hopelessness, our haplessness, our lacks and our limitations are all directly inherited from them.  Therefore, in spite of it how foolish indeed it is to boast in them and to blindly adapt ourselves to their foolish ways.  So the question remains, who may dare to stop us?!!

To see Light is to understand that ‘man’ is as helpless as he is temporal.  To see Light is to understand that he is the reason we live this miserable existence in the first place.  To see Light is to acknowledge and state the most obvious – that rapes, murders, wars etc. etc. are not the handi-works of God, but that of man.  Only then that which is not so obvious to our feeble minds will also become clear – that death, disease, disasters, natural calamities etc. etc. are also man-induced (Gen 3:17-19).  But again the question is, are we willing to see Light?

No.  We would rather turn to man for our answers.  That is right, we rely on man for our answers WHEN IN REALITY IT IS HE WHO HAS BEEN DECEIVING US RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING.

Let us look it up in the Word of God and discover the Truth for ourselves before it is too late.  And the truth to begin with is that man receives God’s Word but is not faithful to pass it on verbatim WHICH IS THE PRIMARY OBLIGATION OF ALL WHO RECEIVE HIS WORD, FOR OBVIOUS REASONS.  Thus he causes the fall of his fellow-being, foolishly unsuspecting that consequently he was indeed digging his own grave.  And when he discovers that he had indeed fallen into the very pit he had dug up for her, he turns his blind rage against God who had created him, endowed him, blessed him and above all, warned him.  He remains unrepentant and unleashes his newfound ‘power of the cursed dominance’ against her who was meant to be his greatest blessing, his greatest asset and above all who was granted to him as ‘fellow-man of the blessed dominance’.

And how does he oppose God?  He opposes God continually by seeking his own glory in everything just as we see him doing since the beginning (eg. Gen 2:23).  He opposes God by his unfaithfulness and disobedience to His Word which again is reflected in his life since the beginning.  And it continues to exhibit itself particularly by the stiff opposition he puts up against God’s election of the woman by allying himself with the Devil whose sworn enmity is with the woman and her Offspring (Gen 3:15). 

And as if all this was not enough, he caps them all BY BLAMING GOD FOR EVERYTHING just as we see him doing when confronted about his disobedience (Gen 3:12).  IT IS HIS UNREPENTANT NATURE TO PASS THE BLAME ON TO GOD AND HIS FELLOW-MAN.

The Word of God is very clear.  Man disobeyed.  He caused the great fall.  And because of his disobedience he invited the cursed ‘death and corruption’ upon himself, upon all his progeny and upon the world in general.  The Word of God is also very clear of the fact that man who has since become the ‘Prince of Darkness’ will subject all mankind to his cursed ‘dominion and desire’ through his ‘fellow-man’ since ‘owned by him’ and called ‘the woman’ by his perverted wisdom.

But the question here is, are we willing to get out of this cursed dominion as God has also made His redemption known to us alongside by the election of ‘this much despised woman’?

Despised, and how? Take for instance, how churches will go on ranting about the “Great Prostitute”, foolishly misguiding the flock with an imagery of an adulteress woman so that the hapless woman continues to be persecuted, when in reality it is symbolic of a people who have forsaken their God, their King and their Husband thanks to the ‘evil one’ who governs them. Churches will never expose ‘man’ who is the ‘Anti-Christ’ of all times (yes, of all times, even at Eden – for eg. refer Gen 2:23), the ‘prince of darkness’ who is bent on misleading his fellow-men into idolizing him so that they remain subjected to him at all times. Our ‘marriages’, our ‘elections’, our ‘religions’, our ‘agendas of life in general’….. go on to substantiate the self-same INDUBITABLE FACT.  However the question remains, are we willing to see Light?