Why do women desire men?

The whole circus of so-called ‘love’ and ‘romance’ which in effect leads to the much glorified ‘sex’ and ‘debauchery’ among mankind irrespective of their race, region or religion is founded on the ‘depraved knowledge’ that women desire men.


Therefore, any knowledge that works to promote and uphold her cursed existence is indeed ‘depraved knowledge’.  Fruits of which are the obvious divisions (it shows no matter how one attempts to cover-up), the random divorces, the diseases – particularly sexual – which keeps taking on in increasingly agonizing proportions as the lusting after it etc. etc., until one is completely overtaken by death which seals one’s fate forever.

EVEN THOUGH THE WORD OF GOD ESTABLISHES THIS TRUTH FROM THE BEGINNING, IT IS OF LITTLE WONDER THAT NO RELIGION ON EARTH ACKNOWLEDGES OR ACCEPTS IT.  Instead they rather surreptitiously employ it to their sinister purpose and advantage. And like religion, every medium under the sun is employed to plant this seed of curse in the guise of a blessing in a female right from infancy – whether through stories, novels, text-books, undesirable male proximity, intentionally induced sexual behavior, TV serials, movies, documentaries whatever.

Of course since all religions are man-made, it is in man’s interest to promote the ‘lie’ for obvious reasons and further the woman’s cursed and depraved existence by covering up for it in the guise of ‘blessedness’.  For eg. read 1 Tim 2:15.  BUT THE FRUITS CONTINUE TO SHOW AND ALL MEN ARE EXPOSED JUST AS WELL AS THEIR WARPED RELIGIONS.

Let us ask ourselves why does this so-called ‘blessing’ suddenly become offensive outside ‘their religious jurisdiction’ or ‘marital wraps’ if you like?  And why are only women held to blame and targeted if it isn’t due to the misuse of the knowledge of the ‘curse’ that has befallen her?  How can we miss the fact that they only misuse it to suit themselves and punish the women when they are exposed by it? And let us ask ourselves why is it that when men who are equal and of course usually the ‘more-than-willing’ participants THERE ARE NO ‘MASCULINE’ EQUIVALENT TO WORDS SUCH AS ‘WHORE’, ‘PROSTITUTE’, ‘SLUT’ ETC. IN MAN’S VOCABULARY!!!!!!  To their shame this is how the Spirit testifies about them and exposes them, for eg. read Hos 7:3-7, “They delight the king with their wickedness, the princes with their lies.  They are all adulterers, burning like an oven whose fire the baker need not stir from the kneading of the dough till it rises….. Their hearts are like an oven; they approach him with intrigue.  Their passion smolders all night; in the morning it blazes like a flaming fire.   All of them are hot as an oven; they devour their rulers.   All their kings fall, and none of them calls on Me.”  

Little do men realize that by banking on her curse they have only advanced their own curse which overrides all other curses both in volume and fatality (eg. Gen 3:17-19).  Understand that the hope of mankind is not given to men for men are as fatal as their deeds.

The truth is, the hope of mankind is in the “blessedness” of the woman.  However do men who have willfully stationed themselves at the helm of all affairs concerning women permit it?  When will they begin to see light?  The ever-boastful man in his pride and arrogance seems blinded forever.  What about the woman?  As it is written in 2 Tim 3:7, “She is always learning, but never able to acknowledge the truth.”

Let us also ask ourselves, is it right that her curse should override her “blessedness” for isn’t it that what all religions do?

However, even now it is not too late.  So let us not lose hope.  Let us remember, how where Abraham failed, Sarah’s eyes were opened and God’s Word triumphed in their lives.  Likewise, where Moses failed, Zelophehad’s daughters triumphed; where Elkanah failed, Hannah triumphed; where Judah failed, Tamar triumphed etc. etc.  The list goes on.  (Read the article “The Making of the Spiritual Woman” made available in this website and understand fully.) Finally,we have Mary who demonstrated the total state of blessedness when she rose above her curse and subjected herself to the will of God even though at the time she was a betrothed woman.  She paved the way for the fulfillment of the God-ordained plan and purpose of the ‘immaculate’ and ‘blessed’ conception that was established since the very beginning – to raise a people, rightly called the children of God, for they are those who are not born of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God (Jn 1:13).  How?  By being born again.  Refer Jn 3:3-21.

To be sure it does not mean that all are expected to conceive like Mary.  For Mary’s conception is and will always be singular as it is the very demonstration or fulfillment of God’s Word, the Gospel, come to pass.  It is meant to open our eyes to our spiritual ‘sonship’ in the kingdom of God by the Word of God (Jn 6:63), the fruits of which are salvation, everlasting peace, perfect joy and eternal life as demonstrated through the Son of God in Person so that all may see and understand.

It does also help to understand how the curse befell the woman for it opens our eyes to the truth which in turn paves the way for  the above state of blessedness for each one of us individually:  Reverting to the very beginning, let us understand the ‘woman’s’ failure.  We see that though she was created ‘superior’ to the male to make up for the his ‘lack’ in order that together they may rule and subdue all that God had bestowed under them, with spiritual integrity and wisdom, things take on a different turn.  No sooner was she presented before the male, he becomes boastful and totally owns her (Gen 2:23).  Abetted by his lopsided version of God’s commandment, it was but inevitable that she should become an easy target for the devil’s deception.  Which she did.

This is where her fault is exposed. BECAUSE AT NO TIME DOES SHE TURN TO GOD even though it is obvious, she did not feel any wiser with what little or distorted knowledge she had received from her male counterpart.  Clearly, she desired wisdom, yet it did not occur to her to turn to God for it.  WHO ELSE DID SHE EXPECT WOULD GRANT HER THE SPIRITUAL INTEGRITY AND DIVINE WISDOM SHE SO LACKED AND RIGHTLY DESIRED?  Of course it could only be had from God. Yet she fails to turn to God. Therefore for her ignorance and folly, she had not only lost her former dominion but had also ended up subjecting herself to the cursed dominion and desire of the fallen man who, as we can see, had in his arrogance remained blind to his own lacks to readily and willingly disobey God when the opportunity arose.

What is most appalling is that by and large women continue in the same vein.  Unless they stop believing all the lies that are out there and truly turn to God, they will continue with their cursed existence dragging all and sundry with them, for men or women, all are thus born of the woman’s womb.  The blessedness of her calling and election which ought to translate in to her offspring (Gen 3:15) will seldom be true of her!  Just as it testifies in Mic 2:9, “You drive the women of My people from their pleasant homes.  You take away My blessing from their children forever.”  I pray that this article will open their eyes AT LONG LAST!