Why did Abraham and Lot separate?

One of the many reasons for those who know me ‘personally’ to reject me or my ministry is that they are too supra-spiritual to understand and acknowledge my spiritual journey of constant separations.  So instead of listening to or receiving the Word of God from me, they would reject me outright and instead bombard me with questions like, ‘Are you not talking with so and so?’ or ‘Why are you not in touch with your so and so kith or so and so kin?’ ‘Did not Jesus teach forgiveness?’ ‘How can you preach the Word when you cannot even forgive?’, ‘How do you propose to minister to them if you are not a part of them?, so on and so forth.  And so even though it is at my own risk that I choose to separate in order that I may remain in His fellowship and even though in the bargain I lose everything, as is wont to happen in such cases, so that I may finally attain that which God has set me apart for, these neither see Light nor are willing to heed it.

The fact that Forgiveness and Reconciliation are two different things is something even the so-called children of God fail to understand. (Read the Commandment to Forgive from this website and be armed with the Truth.)  Hardly surprising for as we have been learning there is no Divine Virtue or Word of God that men have not defiled or distorted in their vain attempt to utterly destroy them.  And so today things have come to such a head that given the chance these “overtly virtuous” but nevertheless these “compromising liars” would not hesitate to preach reconciliation with the devil TO God Himself!

As such people fail to understand why Abraham separated from Lot even though it is one of the oldest story to have exemplified the Divine Virtue for all those who are so-inclined.  To their superficially “virtuous” minds, they would rather seek comfort in such facts as in spite of their differences Abraham proved himself a ready help (Gen 14:14-16) and a faithful mediator (Gen 18:23-33, Gen 19:29) for Lot, even granting Lot the superlative title of a “righteous man” (2 Pet 2:7) to boot.  But not without compromising with the Truth, the infallible Word or Virtue of God!

To begin with, let us understand, Lot being fatherless was joined to his uncle as a familial responsibility (Gen 11:27-31).  That he neither shared Abraham’s Calling or Spiritual Vision nor desired to, becomes evident as we move on with their story. It is not a mere coincidence that squabbling over material things should first appear to erupt between their respective servants (Gen 13:7a).  In fact it proved to be the apt “spiritual filter” God uses to expose one’s true inclination.  And therefore even though all the obvious material blessings came through Abraham’s faithful obedience to God, we see that Abraham was quick to perceive Lot’s true inclination and gladly relinquish the choice pastures to him as he went his separate way. Thus he succeeded in doing an exemplary spiritual act by nipping the problem at the bud.  He was clear about his God-given vision and purpose and he was not going to allow any body or any thing become a stumbling block in the path of righteousness he was determined to follow through.

Not only that but also the fact that Lot was only too glad of the offer, and opts to break free from Abraham with it instead of himself relinquishing them so he can persevere with the latter for the greater blessing or inheritance, again speaks a lot of his true inclinations (Gen 13:10-11). Again substantiated by the fact that he had to be literally dragged by hand away from his chosen land (Gen 19:16) to safety. And once again substantiated by the fact that instead of obeying God and fleeing to the mountains as he was told, he begged to differ to choose his own path once again (Gen 19:18).

That not only was his life spared but also that of the town he took refuge in was in keeping with God’s faithful promise to Abraham is something which fails to occur to him at all.  Even after he discovered the fallacy of his move (Gen 19:30)!

This is so true of each one of us. Whenever God spares our life or delivers us from some trouble or the other, we immediately assume somehow we are worthy of it. We refuse to acknowledge God’s surpassing faithfulness even in our unworthiness!!! And we continue unruffled in the same fashion.  Just as Lot did.

That his life should finally end up as it did, having lost his all – material and spiritual blessings and to top it all, in shame siring two cursed races whose judgment becomes irrevocable as they picked up and furthered the old enmity with the descendants of Abraham,  says it all better than any foolish and opposing  testimony of man.

And, while at it, to those who persist on blaming his daughters for it, again the Spirit of God provides the lasting testimony. Read Lev 19:29, “Do not degrade your daughter by making her a prostitute, or the land will turn to prostitution and be filled with wickedness.” Wasn’t it just what Lot did? Read Gen 19:8. Do you then blame the daughters who, like their father, were better versed with the ways or customs of the world than with the holy Way of the Lord (Gen 19:31)? Still in doubt? Go ahead and read Hos 4:14.

Reverting to the topic, here’s a story that should clearly showcase how forgiveness and reconciliation are two different things. No matter how well Abraham treated Lot, over and over again, there simply did not arise a reconciliation between the two.  Reconciliation is only possible when the offender acknowledges his offense and is penitent about it (Matt 15-17).  He then steps it up by making necessary restitution for it, wherever required, like for instance in the manner of Zachchaeus the tax collector (Lk 19:8-9). For this is how True Salvation -i.e.  reconciliation with both God and fellow-man comes about, manifested by the true oneness and fellowship of God (Matt 15:19-20, Lk 19:9) among them.  You can be certain, all else are nothing but evil assemblies or evil fellowships, detested by God (Isa 1:13), and on them  His judgment is certain (Mic 3:9-12).

“But as for me, I am filled with power, with the Spirit of the Lord, and with justice and might, to declare to Jacob his transgression, to Israel his sin.” (Mic 3:8)