The Reprobation of Reprobate
Who is a reprobate?
For whom this word of hate?
‘The unrepentant’ says it all
When ‘back-slider’ forsakes his soul
Why then a damning name
Ahead of the Appointed Time?
In Spirit’s wise jurisdiction
He who is the Judge of all creation
Grants us His Time of Grace
That men may turn and seek His Face
To call is the Faithfulness of God
To man is given to respond
For strives with him the Spirit of God
Though not for ever, He will not.
In His foreknowledge does He select
And calls the called His ‘elect’
Who due to their obedience are chosen
To receive His divine confirmation. 
Alongside His children of the covenant
Sadly are they that remain ‘unrepentant’,
Whose verdict though is preset
Gladly does He seeks to reset
A fate otherwise ill-destined
 And persuades He till the end.  
But the lying shepherds of the world
Unfaithful in handling His Word
Deny them His Grace for repentance
Themselves unwilling to enter His Presence.
 Only they that are short-sighted
 Blinded by their visions blighted
 Will doubt His Great Commission,
And fail to spread the Good Cheer
of His merciful provision.