Why do mere mortals pose as “gods” or “god-men”?

Recently I chanced upon an article titled rather misleadingly, “Why do worshipers seek to be worshiped?”

I use the word ‘misleadingly’ because it should have been titled, “Why do men at the pulpit seek not to worship but to be worshiped?”

Therefore, I must add, if I was expecting some kind of a confession, then I was sorely disappointed.

Here again, by wording the title very cryptically these men at the helm of religious affairs, whose only desire it is to usurp the honor due to God, instead of making a clean breast of it attack the hapless “worshipers” they so pretend to lead.

However, such things must take place so that they are fully exposed. And along with them the flocks who give themselves up to be misled!

For, unbeknown to man, even when he rebels against God and rejects His counsel, he only ends up disproving himself and proving God right.

For example, note how when God taught His people about the ‘Lamb of God’ He would Himself provide (Gen 22:13-14) for the perfect atonement of the sins of the world, the people, instead of turning to God for the promised Lamb, began to offer futile sacrifices of defective lambs from their own depleting mangers (Mal 1:14).

And to this day men continue to offer their goats and lambs and what have you, all to no avail, and disprove themselves!

Likewise, though the creation of ‘man’ proclaimed the Gospel of the Coming Messiah by creating them in the image and likeness of the One who is to come, men rejected the knowledge outright and began to glory in themselves. Right from the very beginning, starting with the very first man!  Read Gen 2:23.

This is the reason even when they pretend to lead fellow-men in worship; soon they become EXPOSED by the fact that they themselves become objects of worship.

Oh, yes, men have only gone on to disprove themselves with every word and deed of theirs. And while they stand stripped to their nakedness, the glory of God, on the other hand, is manifested more and more to the discerning!

Therefore, everywhere I look, I see the fulfillment of God’s Word. Even when men are at their vilest, I see the fulfillment of God’s Word concerning them and rejoice at the contrasting glory and beauty His holiness presents.

To me, the futility of their lying lips only goes on to magnify the Truth of God’s infallible Word even more. When the world busies itself in exalting man to whatever heights it may raise him to, I only see him return to dust, forgotten and trampled upon (Gen 3:19).

For, whether worshiped, sought or adored, this is the fulfillment of the Word of God concerning every mortal born into this world.

Therefore, celebrate the Sabbath for it will be a sign between God and you (Ex 31:13) for every Sabbath in your life will remind you and lead you to rejoice and glory in the Lord of the Sabbath at all times.  Exalt His holy Name.  His and His alone.  For He Alone is worthy!

And remember that in sharp contrast we are but mortals and fallible.  As such, I would also exhort you to build for yourself the heart of a true worshiper which is this:  “Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” (Ps 90:12)

For such a worshiper will not stumble, but will stand firm and upright as oaks among the fading grasses of this world (Isa 61:1-7).