Save O Lord!  Save us now!

Save O Lord!
Save Your servant and all Your servant’s children O Lord
Save us from deceptions like nets that are cast all about
Save us from snares like landmines that catch us unawares
Save us from alliances like glues that stick fast only to rip us apart
Save us from luring pitfalls that cut a path straight to our hearts
Save us from dangers that threaten to smother our faith and rob us of Your mercy!
Save us O Lord! Save us now!
Save us Loving Father from all man’s vices that vie to enslave us
Save us from the godless ways of the arrogant
Save us from all rebellion that craftily come promising freedom
Save us from this world’s media whose throats like grave open to feed on souls of men
Save us from the praises of men that cast us one with liars and the adulterous
Save us from the deprecating self-love which resists the One True Love that is You and You Alone!
Save us O Lord! Save us now!
Save us God Most High, You who Alone seeks to set us on the Heights with You
Save us from taunts, the jibes of evil men that, helpless though we are, elicit our unholy indignation in response
Save us from mindless chatter that like thorns pierce and make dents in our otherwise healing hearts
Save us from honey-coated death warrants which come seeking the glory of man
Save us from the betraying emotions of the flesh which delineate our straying souls
Save us from eroticism they call love that leaves nothing but sickness and death in its wake!
Save us O Lord! Save us now! 
Save us O Lord, Save us now, that we may stand before Thee
Saved from all that is about to happen with the coming reign of terror. 
Save us O Lord!  Save us now!