This and other questions like ‘How can one ‘Man’s’ blood be enough to cleanse the whole world?’ are some of the many questions men pose to counter the FAULTY GOSPEL presented by the churches.  And rather unwittingly, for all their oppositions they in turn end up exposing themselves by continuing to repeat their sacrifices and thus in spite of themselves showcasing the Truth THAT NOTHING THEY DO WILL EVER SUFFICE!!

Because churches, on their part, just like their Jewish predecessors before them, in order that man or rather the male of man may be exalted have failed to shed True Light.  Even though outwardly they pretend to acknowledge the divine nature of the First Coming of the Son of God, they quickly enough expose themselves by hastening to relegate the Son of God alongside themselves by attaching their own fleshly patriarchy to Him (Matt 1:1-16, Lk 3:23b-38 etc.).  This is why the gospel they present is called THE FAULTY GOSPEL.


THE TRUTH, however, is that the creation of ‘man – the male and the female’ first proclaimed the Gospel because just as the Word of God testifies, they were created in the image and likeness of the Coming Messiah.  And the fact remains that NEITHER – i.e. neither the male nor the female was meant to be the Messiah.

Because the Word also testifies that both were naked which exposes the FACT that unlike the Messiah they are created beings. And that when they were created they were created lower than even the heavenly beings or the angels (Ps 8:5).  This is the reason they were not placed in Heaven but in Eden.

What is more? Further they went on to expose THEIR UNWORTHINESS when having suddenly realized that they were naked they fail to provide themselves with appropriate covering (Gen 3:7, 21, Isa 64:6). 

Just as Job is seen to testify, Job 1:21a, “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will depart…”  Sadly, even though man is seemingly quick to understand the first part of the verse because of its obvious physical symbolism, he lacks the spiritual insight to understand it totally!  Even now!  And even though the Spirit testifies to the readiness of the Bride at the Wedding of the Lamb in the end, “Fine linen, bright and clean, was given her to wear.” (Rev 19:8a), they still struggle to get it!  Clearly it is not something given by man (eg. Rev 6:11).

Yet, obstinate and arrogant, man continued to oppose the Truth and refused to acknowledge it at all levels. Even after the fact that sons are born to them WHO AS THE WORD TESTIFIES NO LONGER BEAR THE ‘NOW LOST’ LIKENESS AND IMAGE OF GOD BUT ONLY THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF THEMSELVES, ‘THE FALLEN MAN’ (Gen 5:3) and who like themselves succumb to sin, death and decay without exception!

Just as it was in the case of the Israelites!  Even though God Himself taught and proclaimed the Gospel to Abraham ‘NOT BY THE BLOOD OF THE SON OF MORTAL MAN BUT BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB OF GOD’, unyieldingly they began to offer their animals instead of looking up to God to provide the Holy and the Perfect Sacrifice (Mal 1:14) – THE SURPASSING SACRIFICE WHICH WAS TO BE MADE ONCE AND FOR ALL.

And how? By sending His only begotten Son to be offered as the Perfect Lamb of God – Who went on to attest the Gospel in Himself by showing Himself victorious over both sin and death. So that all men who believe in Him may partake of His victory and overcome the stamp of sinfulness, curses and death which are congenitally AND UNDENIABLY upon them without exception.

When He took on the ‘blessed’ and ‘holy’ Flesh (thanks to its blessed and holy conception) to offer Himself as the Perfect Sacrifice for the sins of the world, He was indeed conceived of the Holy Spirit and the infallible Word AND NOT OF THE SEED OF MAN. Therefore He is also called the Word of God Incarnate.

Mary, the female of man, thanks to the pre-ordained election of the woman for the purpose (Gen 3:15) was chosen to offer her womb for the divine surrogacy and no more.

As such no man may dare to trace His lineage in their cursed and fallible flesh. And indeed the Lord Himself admonishes them not to (egs. Mk 12:35-37, Jn 8:56-58). In spite of which churches have gone on to incorporate their own versions of His lineage in the cursed flesh of man which in turn inadvertently only go on to expose them for the two versions they have proffered are themselves contradictory AS THEY WERE INDEED WONT TO BE!!!

Now may we answer these questions? What sacrifice can compare with the sacrifice of the Son of God? And what blood can compare with the holy Blood of the Lamb of God?

How can the testimony of the blood of man (even if he is called a martyr, for eg. Abel) ever compare with the Living Testimony, the Supreme Authority, the Cleansing Power and the Continual Intercession offered for us by the Blood of the Son of God?

Who is worthy?  Or, rather, who indeed is able to better that which is Perfect, Holy and forever Pleasing and Acceptable to God?

And lastly, let us ask ourselves, do we need another sacrifice now that the Perfect, Holy and Acceptable sacrifice is made – ONCE AND FOR ALL?