What is meant by prayer?

Prayer is the holy act of communicating with God.  A man of prayer therefore is one who has reconciled himself or herself with God.

Having been brought to the knowledge and reconciliation of God, he or she is the one who is faithful to grow in the Word of God by the obedience of it.

Hence, he or she communicates with God on the holy and exalted platform brought to him or her by the unifying act of the Holy Spirit (for eg. Rom 8:26-27).  In effect, a man of prayer seeks to know and concur with the will of God in everything.

Such a one finds oneself enabled to offer the perfect worship – the worship in Truth and in Spirit – which alone is holy and acceptable to God!

Likewise, only such a one is also enabled to offer intercessory prayers on behalf of others. Note how God was willing to forgive Job’s friends provided they went to Job to seek his intercession on their behalf, even though they had invited His wrath by speaking incorrectly about Him (Job 42:7, Jas 5:16).

Therefore such a one is also called the servant or priest of God Most High.

God is good to all and by nature has compassion on all He has made (Ps 145:9).  Therefore one ought not to confuse one’s desperate cries of help for prayer even though they are answered. For example, note how God delivered Hagar every time He heard her cry, and yet she never does reconcile herself to Him but ends up going her separate way and leads her boy astray too.

Finally, let it be known that by imparting the knowledge of the correct manner of prayer to us (Matt 6:9-13, Matt 5:23-24, Matt 9:38, Matt 18:19-20, Matt 26:39, Matt 26:41, Lk 11:13, Lk 21:36, Lk 23:46, Jn 14:13-14, Jn 16:12-15 etc.), God has by His surpassing love and amazing grace opened for us the door to His Holy Kingdom and Royal Priesthood of everlasting tenure.