Why is suicide wrong?
Since the first known suicide of a godless traitor, the infamous suicide of Judas Iscariot, it is but natural that the godless should see it as a ready option.  So much so that, today in this world, which has scaled all pinnacles of godlessness, suicide has become not only TRENDY but also a RELIGION. 
That SUICIDE is a doctrine and practice of the Devil is something people have yet to learn.
Just as ‘DEATH’ itself was lured into man’s world by the cunning ploy of the Devil (Gen 3:4-5), who is also called the ancient serpent (Rev 20:2), the doctrine of ‘SUICIDAL DEATH’ is sourced from devil’s bag of treachery (Matt 27:5) – as evidenced by king Saul’s death, who was infamously tormented by an evil spirit (1 Sam 16:14), and who had as a result, not surprisingly, opted for assisted death or indirect suicide (1 Sam 31:4 & 2 Sam 1:9-10). Not to mention, how his evil influence was also instrumental in the suicide of his ‘long forgotten’ armor-bearer! (1 Sam 31:5).
Perhaps it is not common knowledge, nevertheless, IT IS A FACT that snakes hasten their death and kill themselves under arduous physical duress of life-threatening injuries. 
This is the reason Jesus calls Judas a devil (Jn 6:70-71). Indeed, ‘accursed of God’ is how he was prophetically alluded to in Deut 21:22-23. 
Whatever be the garb under which ‘SUICIDE’ is advertised (for eg. Euthanasia) and encouraged (for eg. suicide bombings) or as it is in more recent cases, COERCED (for eg. overbearing cultic influence), taking of life whether it is one’s own or that of another is the DAMNING EVIDENCE OF GODLESSNESS.  THEIR CONDEMNATION IS CERTAIN (eg. Gen 9:5). 
For man can at no stage presume to be either the giver of life or taker of life!  Even if he foolishly assumes he has by his own merit sired a few children!  It is nothing but presuming to be God. 
Life is a gift of God, and it is God who grants life as well as sustains life in all His creations.  MOST OF ALL, IT IS GOD’S DESIRE THAT WE ENJOY LIFE ABUNDANTLY AND ETERNALLY (eg. Jn 10:10).
Is it any wonder then that the Devil should seek to thwart God’s purpose? 
As for patient endurance and faithful perseverance in the face of suffering, it is granted unto them WHO PUT THEIR TRUST IN GOD. 
This is the reason we find that even though on one hand Judas Iscariot ended up succumbing to his remorse (Matt 27:3-4), on the other hand, Peter’s life was spared – thanks to God’s intervention on his behalf (Lk 22:31-32, Lk 22:62).
Was God being partial between the two?  Definitely not!  For their deeds speak up for them as 2 Cor 7:10 will testify, “Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation.., but worldly sorrow brings death.” 
Clearly, though Peter was just as grief-stricken over his public denial of the Savior, he never stopped trusting in the Lord.  God’s Word rang out loud and clear to him, and he responded to it with a penitent heart (Matt 26:75, Jn 3:17). 
He alleviates them in different ways.  For examples, by interceding on our behalf, as can be seen in Peter’s or Job’s cases; or, as it is written of the end times, when the days are going to be unbearably hot for the inhabitants of the earth, He will shorten the days for the sake of the elect (Matt 24:22, Mk 13:20), and to those who trust Him, He will Himself be a shelter and shade from the heat of the day and a refuge and hiding place from the storm and rain (Isa 4:5-6).
IT IS A FACT, THE TRUTH.  My own husband whose cancer was diagnosed in its last stages, died peacefully in his bed at home after a month’s hospitalization where basically they could do nothing but test and confirm its spread to almost all parts of his body.
How? By experiencing God’s promises in death just as he had in life.  And as his family, we had no reason to lose faith either.  So there we were actually singing hymns and praising God by his deathbed.  And when the final moment came, prayerfully, we committed his spirit into God’s hands. 
Without a tremor or the slightest display of discomfort or unease, he breathed his last as peacefully as he had lain there awaiting it.  What is more?  In his last hour he was rid of all outward manifestations of his illness – the swellings, the reddish-brown hue of the eyes etc.  Even the momentary breathing difficulty he had experienced prior to that hour! 
We know he has entered his rest (Rev 14:13, Isa 57:1-2), just as it is promised in God’s Word.  Even today it resonates loud and clear in our hearts as it did when it was first given to us.  We also know with absolute certainty that he will partake of the First Resurrection, the resurrection of the righteous which will take place at the glorious Second Coming of the Lord.
That is the faith, the certainty, with which we live in this harsh and cruel world as we await our turn to enter His rest.
For, faith is the knowledge of God which is gifted by Him and Him alone.  All else is nothing but blind faith sourced from blind guides – the thieves whose purpose it is to steal, kill and destroy (Jn 10:10a), and only the blind will follow them.
Therefore, today, as you read this I pray that your eyes will be opened to Truth and to Life – ABUNDANT, ETERNAL AND FREE LIFE OF GOD.
May you be blessed just as we are!