Words are testimonials of spirits that govern a man
Whether pronounced, or in thoughts repressed.
From an universe all his own, like strokes painting its sky
Or like treasures stowed away for his personal muse. 
Words form a man’s thoughts and let slip his tongue
It matters not if glib or inarticulate, loose-tongued or tongue-tied.
For words like ceaseless battles rage, till they find release
As an infant’s needs met in rising plaintive pleas.
Words when hasty, quickly opine, too sanguine to be mulled
And return ignobly in a platter to feed off worthless yields.
Like churnings from darkest regions, bespoken of lightless souls
In man’s words are writ his conviction, by deeds of concurrence.
Words of man may mend or bend; or promise dreams in sight 
Know that they are but fallible, whether they exalt or slight.
For words are arrows shot from quivers to which they boomerang
In incriminating deeds to retrace their steps, like echoes resounding.
Yes, words of man have framed him guilty, his Judgment at hand
What hope can he now have, how will he in innocence stand?
Like the death-knell ere the slow course of his meandering hearse
Until he who is of dust returns to naught but dust and ashes. 
Only the wise reckon their fate before it is too late
To turn to God whose Word alone is Goodness and Light, 
To rid of cobwebs that cloud their minds and darken their souls
And become surging springs of God’s eternal Fountain of Life.   
For only His Words can drive the evil spirits away
And His Words alone teach us how to keep them at bay
Until of one accord each is united in body, spirit and soul
To live and speak by the counsel of the Spirit of God.