The paradox is not just in name.  For whether it is ‘women’ or ‘we men’, in man’s world it is more than just a name!  Let us ponder on these questions and understand how deep is the paradox, the scars that runs deep consequently:

1.  Why do men object to a woman’s clothing when they do nothing about the vulgarity and nudity on display everywhere one looks?

2.  Why do men pretend they have the brawn and the brains to take on every enemy under the sun when they shirk from confronting their own beastliness, the enemy nearest and most destructive to themselves?

3.  Why do men govern and make laws and expect everyone to obey them when they themselves have turned their backs to the SINGULAR Sovereignty of God and disobey Him in every manner?

4.  Why do ‘men’ vilify ‘women’ when it is obvious they won’t be here if it weren’t for women? Whether Jew or Gentile, hasn’t God proven that sons are His provision, his blessing, THROUGH WOMEN ONLY – be it the promised son born of Sarah or the Son of God born of Mary?

5.  Why do men compete with one another and seek to scale greater heights when their bodies will have them know that they can only go so far, after which it is nothing but regression and disintegration – whether it is of themselves or of their mighty empires?

6.  Why do men shun compassion unless they themselves become needy of it? For indeed there comes a time in every man’s life when he will himself be desirous of compassion, when he will realize he needs the compassion of God most of all!

7.  Why do ‘godly’ men like their worldly counterparts don supremacy when it is a fact that ‘the godly’ are those who have been forgiven their sins in order that they consciously choose not to live the life of sin anymore? In other words, how can one call oneself ‘freed’ when one remains enslaved until one’s resurrection from death?

8.  Why do men who had to be taught everything from how to walk to how to talk do not acknowledge how ignorant, helpless and dependent they basically are?

9.  Why do men seek power when they are powerless to ascribe any longevity to their thrones?

10.  Why do men boast in their sciences and mathematics when they can’t even number their days or produce any ‘fruit’ of eternal worth?

11.  Why do men boast in and advocate education when they have only gone about showing blatant disregard for the infallible Word of God which is the only Source of Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding?

12.  Why do men teach ‘only the male’ was created in His image, in His likeness, when the Word of God CLEARLY states and proves otherwise?

13.  Why do men ascribe days to their honor if not to desecrate the knowledge of the Day of the Lord, just as they have been doing to the Sabbath – whether ‘godly’ or not?

14.  Lastly, why do we assume the word ‘men’ here refers only to the male members? After all, the word ‘women’ says and means just the same: ‘WE MEN’.

Go on, think for yourselves! Ask yourselves these questions! Stir awake your souls from their slumber! Nurture them and bring them alive and thriving! Seek your answers now, when you may! When the One who in turn seeks to give them to you waits knocking at your heart’s door! Be saved! Conquer all your enemies and free yourself from all bondages till at last ‘Death’ the last of them is conquered too. For only He who is truly free can set you free indeed!

The curtain on time is sure to fall
Man’s short tenure on earth to cease.
Hasten whilst you yet may recall
God’s Words of eternal peace.
The dichotomy of man’s words
As his paradoxical self are bound to fade.
Men or women, males or females
Come join the Bride brigade!