The symbolism of Roman link in Jewish history during Jesus’ time foretold its far-reaching effects which will continue to play a pivotal role in the history of mankind at all times, i.e. until the very end!

What began as a perfunctory Roman inquest in the asinine trial of the Messiah went on to become the assiduous Roman conquest of all that is Messianic, Pure and Holy.  Why assiduous?  Because all along, from the inquest to the conquest, the Roman involvement has been only political in nature, and that too, of the most astute kind the world has ever seen or will ever see.

Consequently, the world is in their debt.  The Romans have not only ‘done’ away with the Son of God (in ways that will not be equaled by any other God-hating civilization out there) but also with all the godly in the land.

[What does the world expect anyway – the Son of God to deny Himself?  And, like man, to be dissuaded from fulfilling that which He came for?  Whatever it is that they expect of God and whatever it is that they hold Him guilty for will not be argued against here.  For the kingdom of God is neither built by bloodshed nor by arguments as the Lord Himself has exemplified.]



As such, the blood-guilt which has come upon them for rejecting, flogging and crucifying the Son of God   (as much as upon the Jewish elders and priests for leading the murderous mob) and later on for persecuting and killing the godly everywhere they evolved, can neither be washed away with the washing of one’s hands nor with all the ‘baptismal’ fonts put together that they have facilitated for their children.

This is how their unmatched political astuteness comes to display.  If the killing of the Son of God was acquiesced to appease their Jewish subjects, then what followed next lays to rest all doubts about their feigned indifference in the matter!

The systematic persecution and killing of all the godly until they had confiscated every written work or record of events known to them since the First Coming of the Messiah, combined with their increasing animosity towards the Jews since brought to light by the iron-fisted quelling of all Jewish uprising against their oppressive rule (which by the way lasted for over four centuries, no less!), leading up to their sudden metamorphosis into a “religious giant” is not a  testament to a miraculous change of heart.  Rather, of a very devious scheme so that they can continue to carry out the same atrocities and much, much more, but on the pretext of working under divine sanction!

Thus came about the dramatic formation of the neo socio-political religion called “Catholicism”, the evil dragnet, to draw all likely strays in.

Catholicism is not just the anti-thesis of all things Jewish or Rabbinic but MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL THINGS MESSIANIC.   After all, for those who are in the dark, the Messiah is the fulfillment of ‘THE SCRIPTURES (Jn 5:39b) – the uncorrupted prophecies or unadulterated Judaism, if you will.’

[PLEASE NOTE:  I use the word Messianic to mean ‘in relation to the Messiah – which includes all the prophecies and symbolisms concerning Him since the beginning of the creation of the world which means even before time began when He was very symbolically creating the world, His blessed First Coming in the likeness of man, His prophesied and fulfilled divine conception in a virgin, His teachings, His miracles, all His works that are finished and yet to finish and above all His vicarious Sacrifice followed by His resurrection and ascension back to Heaven and thereafter the outpouring of His Spirit into the world etc.’ and NOT TO refer to any sect or group going by the same title.]

So, as mentioned earlier, to achieve their diabolical end, they charted out their ensnaring dragnet by PRETENDING TO TAKE the Name of the Lord – of the very same Lord THEY HAD THEMSELVES ORDERED TO BE FLOGGED AND CRUCIFIED, who just as He had claimed He would, had risen up on the third day and was gathering hundreds upon hundreds unto Him every passing day – EVEN THOUGH THEY HAD THEMSELVES SECURED HIS TOMB WITH THE ‘MIGHTY’ ROMAN SEAL AND POSTED THEIR NUMEROUS GUARDS OVER IT!

Yes, they had misappropriated the most bankable Name ever and misused it, thus adding to their accumulating guilt by taking God’s holy Name in vain!  As a result, they can boast of perhaps the greatest following the world has ever seen, having MISLED millions upon millions of Catholics INTO FOOLISHLY BELIEVING THAT THEY ARE ‘FOLLOWERS OF THE MESSIAH’, THE SO-CALLED ‘CHRISTIANS’.

The work of delusion was complete as ‘Catholicism’ ensnared peoples from all walks of life and from all parts of the world away from God and His infallible Word and returned them to their pagan roots of idolatry, animism, ritualism and senseless revelries.  ALL – in the Name of God!!!


As a result, the world is in their debt for a slew of other things too!  There is not a nation, not a race that does not capitalize and cash in on every conceivable fable they have come up with like Santa Claus, Easter eggs, Halloween, Valentine’s Day etc. Not to mention the year-round festivities as canonized mortals take their turns to be celebrated in fashions peculiar to their ‘hallowed’ names and the thriving tourism industry they foster by way of pilgrimages to all plausible destinations on the globe that have been generous enough to cough up a ‘saint’ or two – INCLUDING ISRAEL where the stamp of their conquest has basically covered all possible regions even remotely associated with the First Coming of the Lord!

On the flip side, whilst these are the most conspicuous contributions of Catholicism to the world at large, often one is amiss to notice the underlying powerful anti-Messianic sway they have been exercising from the very beginning of their unholy tryst with the Messiah.  This is the sway which has been consistently producing a new league of men who take it upon themselves to follow on their heels to covet the wealth and power and kingdoms of this world through means of bloodshed, deceit and treachery – IN THE NAME OF GOD!


The most prominent of this latter contribution is the birth of yet another religion called ‘Islam’.  Whilst Protestantism* (which did not even exist at the time) is just an off-shoot of Catholicism and if anything only ended up adding to the flowing lava of filth this mother of all ‘spiritually active volcanic mountains in the world’ has been letting up down the millennia, Islam appeared to suggest a different scenario altogether.  Or so it seemed at the beginning.


They are those of whom it is prophesied of in the Word of God.  For example, read Isa 10:5-11.  They were chosen for that purpose alone just as it is prophesied of in the Word of God.

And again, just as it is foretold from verse 7 to 11 therein, they changed their pre-ordained strategy when they founded the new religion instead.  Thus instead of routing out Catholicism with the help and counsel of God, they took it upon themselves to beat the Romans at their own game.

In other words they took the same recourse as their nemesis and began to unleash a bloody campaign of violence, deceit and treachery throughout the world and built their own rival kingdom.  Thus, unbeknown to this dark world of godlessness there now exists the two giant ‘spiritual superpowers’ exercising their ‘bloody’ sway over it! Therefore the Word of God has this to state in the latter’s Judgment, Isa 10:15-19, “Does the axe raise itself above Him who swings it, or the saw boast against Him who uses it?  As if a rod was to wield Him who lifts it up, or a club brandish Him who is not wood!  Therefore, the Lord, the Lord Almighty, will send a wasting disease upon his sturdy warriors; under his pomp a fire will be kindled like a blazing flame.  The Light of Israel will become a Fire, their Holy One a Flame; in a single day it will burn and consume……”

But, not before exposing their true allegiance when they will be found actually joining hands with the same Roman ‘evildom’ they were chosen to destroy to JOINTLY  marshal against the Lord at His glorious Second Coming.  So it shall be.  And, indeed, why doubt?  Doesn’t the enemy of the ‘enemy’ prove to be a friend in the end?

Reverting to the Roman power, the political clout (which is now entirely vested in Catholicism) that they continue to enjoy the world over and will till the end, is a blatant ‘tribute’ to the diabolical agenda they have been serving all along.  Their unholy and intricately interwoven network of business and politics REMAIN UNCHALLENGED under the guise of their religion.   For example, note how the followers of the religion pride in calling themselves “Roman Catholics”, never mind which part of the world they are from – China, India, USA, UK, Spain… wherever!  Theirs is the singularly telling ‘heritage’ or legacy of bearing the said common title or insignia of the said common kingdom.

AND IT WILL REMAIN UNCHALLENGED UNTIL THE VERY END.  For soon, like the phoenix, what presently appears to be no more menacing than a dormant power on the outside, will rise from its dormancy to once again play a leading role in the end-time political scenario of the world to hoist the reign of the last and final of its ‘anti-Messiahs’.  Refer Rev 17:9-11.

[*Do not be fooled into believing the orthodox and protestant groups are particularly different from ‘Catholicism’ to which they can trace back their roots.  For one, if the Romans did finally relent to concede access to the manuscripts of the godly that were confiscated and locked up by them for over a millennium, then surely there has to be political twist in the matter which if one cares to notice, becomes evident by the corruptions and distortions on display in the reproduced ones!  And to be sure, all these sub denominations or sister organizations also ended up traversing the same path of clout and power as their unholy predecessor.]


For the truly godly, wherever they may be, aggrieved and isolated, persecuted and forsaken,  the Spirit of God continues to gather them by His infallible Word.  Like a fetus in its mother’s womb, they are hidden from the world owing to the Spiritual fact that they are still in the making.  So, neither do they nor the Lord has anything more to do save for the making and readying of them while together in the Spirit they wait for the Appointed Time when He shall Himself reappear, but this time in all His majestic splendor and heavenly glory and reveal them in their radiant perfection.  Then, He will for the last time disprove and put an end to all claims of ‘power-hungry’ evil men who facilitate themselves under the pretext of ‘divine sanctions’ – to rule as kings until exposed by their own humanness and mortality to return to dust and ashes which of course though obvious none care to acknowledge.

For having first revealed Himself ‘as the holy Servant of God Most High’ by living and proving His Divinity and Immortality, far outclassing even the best of men, it is only right and most deservedly so that He should return once again as the Sovereign King and the Lord that He is to once and for all put an end to all pretensions.  All arguments will cease, all pretensions will disappear as all mankind will behold Him and recognize Him in His Heavenly Glory and worship Him without the least bit of prompting from anyone.

As for the Jews and for the so-called Christians and for the Muslims who continue to reject Him even though each claim to possessing better understanding of what was revealed since the beginning of the creation of the world, they will be rendered totally exposed and beyond redemption.


For instance, the Jews fail to acknowledge the True Knowledge of the Lord even though it was literally given to them in a golden platter, which is the Word of God, and which is still very much evident despite the distortions attempted on it.  So that even though it leads them to testify that ‘man is created in the image and likeness of God’ they deny the Triune nature of God which is the ‘outstanding’ and undeniable trinity pattern in which God created ‘man – both male and female’ and which distinguishes them from all other beings. Thus they fail to perceive and remain opposed to the fulsome Work of God that was introduced to them by the Father and just as it was prophesied came to be fulfilled by the Son and though invisible to the naked eye  is still in the process of gathering those His own by the Holy Spirit.

The so-called Christians on the other hand continue with the pagan sin of idolatry and the evil glorification of man even though they claim to have gleaned better understanding of the very same Texts or the Word of God as received by the Jews, to enter into all sorts of unholy alliances for the advancement of their own self-serving agendas.  Consequently they have only succeeded in disproving themselves and quenching the Holy Spirit amidst them to plunge the world into deeper darkness.  In so doing they have not only insulted the Spirit of grace but also trampled the Son of God under foot (Heb 10:26-31).  THEIRS IS THE SEVEREST OF ALL CONDEMNATIONS!!

The Muslims or the self-exalted Jewish and Christian antagonists, who claim to zealously serve God, the One and Only True God, in the aftermath of the obvious ‘spiritual’ decline of the so-called ‘Christians’, again supposedly based on the very same Texts or the Word of God and yet go on to disprove themselves by traversing an entirely opposite direction from it.  So that, just as it is prophesied of them, they dared to rival against the very Hand which wielded them!  Like the Jews they deny the Trinity nature of God as according to them God is unfathomable to human minds!  And this in spite of the fact that they claim to have the Word of God!!  What’s more?  Like the Christians, they have only served to glorify man and to build his kingdom on the earth.  MOST OF ALL, even though they claim to believe in the forgiveness of God, they deny the only holy and perfect Sacrifice of the Lamb of God which facilitates it and that which was revealed to the world through the common forefather Abraham most clearly.  So that, in keeping with the typical vanity of human beings, they will hold Abraham in the highest esteem for the same and make offerings of lambs and goats just like the Israelites did before them but utterly oppose the Lamb of God and His vicarious Sacrifice which the said revelation prophesied in the first place. Theirs is the ‘wisdom’ which doubts and questions ‘most self-righteously’ if it is possible for God to die, TOTALLY DEVOID OF UNDERSTANDING THAT WHO BUT ONLY GOD WOULD WILLINGLY ENTER DEATH SO THAT HE MAY PROVE THAT HE IS GOD INDEED AND HENCE IMMORTAL!  For, who but God can prove His immortality?  And who but God has done it?