The Church

The Church or the Bride of Jesus Christ is a spiritual concept, only perceived spiritually.  No human hand, no human authority can either facilitate it or hinder it.  Nor any powers of darkness!  Listen to the unfailing words of Jesus in Matt 16:18, “… I will build My church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.”

The Truth and the Spirit are its mainstay.  The Blood of Jesus Christ the only Way.  His righteousness the goal and His Kingdom the destination.  What is more?  It is a mystery waiting to be revealed.

The Church ministry introduced here adheres to above principles as the Spiritual House of God.  It is not another name or another organization.  But, it is an invitation to all who may heed to become part of this great and divine movement of the children of God.  Therefore, may the Holy Spirit guide you to it.   To replenish you and delight your soul with the richest of fare.  And above all, to make you worthy to stand before Him at His appearing!  To learn more, read the article “The One & Only True Church” made available in the website. 

All glory, honor, praise and power be unto Him for ever and ever!